A Healers Day Dream

membrane bound carriersMy only dream when I was kid was to become a doctor.  Yes, I’m trained in licensed in healthcare according to Earth rules, but now I’ve taken that a step up and I’m a Healer.  I make a living doing this.  It’s real and grounded.  I align with all healers and all healing energy on Earth.  Let it be so.

I daydream a lot.  I day dream about human bodies healing as naturally as the trees grow and about my body healing naturally as well.  It needs release and Love.  I dream of the day when our minds can finally feel and comprehend that physical suffering is not necessary and is not natural. Change is natural but suffering and pain is not.  That is the old way. Resistant, habitual thoughts cause pain and then the energy manifests directly into the body.  I dream of a day when that can be observed and quantified so we understand it better.  This is beyond intuition.  The natural state of the body is one of alignment and well-being.  It is no different than a certain flower just being what it is.

I am ready for my heart to stop breaking at the suffering I empathically see and feel on this Planet.  There is too much un-necessary suffering, intolerance, and unkindness.  But is not the healers job to fix that.  It is each person’s job to fix themselves and ask for help or find help.  The Universe will respond.  I will be firm in guarding my serenity but I will not apologize or defend myself for preferring it to chaos and struggle.

My gratitude for what I feel in my own body is immense as I work with patients.  I have Immense gratitude for the understanding and loyalty of certain friends and family.  I am done with those that are not in affinity, do not want to help, do not want to heal themselves, and believe in nothing but cynicism, revenge, drugging, meaness, drunkeness, abuse, and violence.  None of that is real and I’m done resenting  it or being angry that it exists on this planet.  I know different. Let it be what it is.  To each his own.  I will not see it or spend time acknowledging it or observing it.  Nature is too vast and too powerful.  The human body and mind is too complex and awesome to miss one heartbeat.  Life is eternal.  The planet will go on and so will we. Bless all life as we come into peace and wholeness on this fractured world.



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