What Men Want

I post  a lot on FB threads that comment about relationships and the nature of men and women.  “Steve Harvey TV” posted, “Never let a man tell you twice that he doesn’t want you.”  The gist of what I responded with was, “It doesn’t really matter what men want.  Men don’t really know what they want in relationships or even for dinner.  Women are better at that. Women tend to be the ones that pick because she’s the one that bears the weight of reproduction.  She knows what her body needs in the event that she does get pregnant.  It’s nature.  Men are very good at other things but not at picking a woman.  So, it doesn’t matter what a man wants.”

Now, there are men that are exceptions to that.  For instance, my boyfriend disagrees with me.  But he is an exceptional manly man with a big heart and big mind and he’s straight, not Bi. I found a good one.  And, why would I be mated with a man who agrees with me all the time.  That’s no fun.

I’m not about insulting men.  My goal is to help bring some balance between the genders and especially female empowerment.  For the record, I know there are some very daft women out there who misuse their personal power, are tetched or abusive, or just have a mountain of work to do on themselves before they could ever pick the right man.  My point is, as nature goes, women are the leaders.  Women are the “pickers” in relationships.  Women need to steer how the relationship is going to go.  Women have evolved these social skills and we need to get better at asserting ourselves and getting better organized when it comes to picking a man.

Know yourself.  Know your body.  Take care of yourself.  Feel your sexual nature and enjoy it.  Then make a list.  Make a bulleted list of what your instincts and senses tell you need in a mate…if you’re straight that is.  Women that wait for a man to “want them” and then are left in the dust over and over start to blame men for being dogs when….yeah…straight men kind of are because for most men, that’s the level they’ve evolved to.  Again, not all, but most.  Do you want them to be gay?  Great communicators, love to talk and decorate, but no sex?  I guess I’m assuming bonding, but these days, a lot of people don’t even want that.  It’s bad for your health over time.

Straight men have other great qualities and I suggest straight women start to observe and notice them.  For the record, I am absolutely cool with LGBT.  But there are a lot of straight men and women out there struggling too.

Strong men are looking for strong women.  Shallow men are looking for shallow women.  Like attracts like.  So work on yourself and be clear about what you want women; you embody Love and nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman whose heart really adores and loves him.  And in return, if he even half way likes who he is, he will adore you in return.


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