My observation of my own life, and others lives, is that Life falls in line when I follow my inner guidance and pay little attention to what others are doing.  I’ll pay attention to what others are doing when it interests me! And I have many interests so I am interested in what many people are doing.  But a REAL time waster for focused, intelligent, loving people is caring about what the larger society is doing.  Television, news, “things”, competing,  I mean…unless  you feel super happy doing those things and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy-go right ahead.  Really?  It’s not going to lead you anywhere though unless you really enjoy your own company without them.

Being in debt to anyone is another way to have your personal power leached from you.  I’ve found that I am free to earn as much or as little as I feel like as long as the only people I have to pay the way for is my own family; my son and I.  I have the choice to keep my living expenses low so I can earn as much or as little as I want.  So, it is a goal of mine to get completely out of debt and not be affiliated with a bank.  I’m not affiliated with a bank at the moment; just a credit union.  And I am almost out of debt. The bank’s job is to leach as much of your money from you as it can.  So, I boycott them.  I hope they go away.

Loving my own body and feeling the way I want to feel physically is another very empowering position to be in.   When my time is wasted and I get upset, it’s hard to focus on a daily workout and pay attention to food nutrition.  Ever notice that? Others drama is well nigh constant and can pretty easily pull you off of your track.  I’ve been trying to lighten my load for about 25 years now. It’s fairly ridiculous.  It is getting better now as I learn to focus no matter what.

One thing is for sure on this planet.  When you watch and listen to people, they are interesting.  They come in all shapes and sizes, proclivities, and talents.  I like to watch individuals, not the larger society when everyone is acting like a pack animal. God bless the humans, as long as they don’t mimic each other incessantly.


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