Make “Justice” Brownies Yourself…From Scratch

Do you know when you do something wrong?

Do you care?  Do you enjoy it?  I don’t mean wrong by society or religious standards.  I mean, your own natural conscience.

Meaning…you’re hurting a good person consciously, because you’re so weak and feel like a victim yourself.

This whole idea of good destroying evil, whipping someone with a cute, fluffy, cuddly kitten instead of revenge or vengeance or striking back…I don’t know.  It doesn’t seem natural to me.  Especially when we teach that following nature brings balance.  The scales of justice are supposed to bring balance.  But they rarely do because humans are so biased and arbitrary in favor of their own kind.  People do whatever they want or find a way to.

Love and affection is more disabling than violence?  If you really want to win, love the person who is behaving so terribly?  Huh. It feels so weird to me.  Revenge or vengeance seems natural.  Well, if not natural, it’s COMMON.  It’s popular!

They’ll be brought to their knees because love is what they desperately need TO DO and receive and they are blocking it with every breath of their being to keep their shields up. Huh.Image


I think you have to make justice for yourself, yourself.  The only fairness you have control over is how you treat yourself and others.

As soon as you require justice from others, or institutions, you’re their prisoner.  They own your ass.

It’s like a bill collector.  They don’t own you, you own them!  They NEED and WANT money FROM you.  You own their ass.  You have money and only you can control it!  The more they harass, the more you can with hold.  Especially if it’s cash.  You have something they want and need.

When you’re indebted to someone, they don’t control you, you control them.  Think about it.  As long as they hold you in their debt, owing them, and don’t forgive it, they stay attached to you.  If someone stays attached to you, that means they need you to AFFECT them.

Wrongs done and not righted by universal standards is as vast as the ocean and as eternal as the universe.

There is no end to that.  It seems like a waste of time.  It’s never going to be perfect on Earth where that is concerned.

That’s why forgiveness is freedom.  When you forgive others, you don’t free them, you free yourself.


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