I Had a Powerful Dream Last Night

It must have been a Solstice dream.  It felt like a gift; information my psyche had been needing to proceed in confidence with my work.  Today is the Solstice at Noon-so I guess it was Solstice Eve.

This was a dream that wasn’t a dream; it felt real.  I was actually there.  I was in a room, sitting in a chair against a wall, the room was light and normal (ethereal) and there were others there.  There was a small woman to my left, one person away from me and she was standing.  This was some kind of “session” and she was teaching.  Upon waking, I realized she was my teacher.  That’s why I was there!  She was middle-aged, short, longish white hair but modern, small, thin, rational face.  She had “the sight” and was logical.  There was a troubled woman up in front, attractive, not in pain, but ashamed, and had fear and grief.  She wanted to sit behind a wall and didn’t want the teacher to focus on her.   The teacher could smell what her disease was.  That’s why I was at this session.  The teacher wanted to show how mis-aligned vibration smelled.  She was not an Empath or a hands on healer such as I.  She understood that everything in nature had a particular smell. Everything in nature has a certain atomic structure or cellular make-up.  That make-up causes it to resonate with our olfactory (smell) sense when it mixes with the air.  Aroma therapy is based on this natural fact.  However, when it comes to assessing a dis-ease state, smell can be helpful.

The teacher could smell Malaria in the woman.  She kindly said, “You came here to be helped and we are going to help you”.  “I can smell malaria in you”, and the teacher pinpointed the spot.  I was watching.  The teacher imparted some intuitive information that I’m still processing as far as how to do it.  But first, the healers body has to be cleansed and aligned.  It is similar to any other bodily smell that comes from people.  Our soaps, deodorants, and perfumes try to cover everything up.  But if you want someone to really know who you are, you’ll let them smell you.  It is a primal sense and one that doesn’t lie.   The woman with malaria was Caucasian and was ashamed that she had this disease associated with poverty that would not leave her.

The teacher then had her come to me.  Being an Empath, I am able to feel how the patient feels but not internalize or bond to the energy.  The purpose of knowing is to help align it, not absorb it!  I could feel that the minor chakra points at her shoulders and at her  thyroid were very far off.  That is the area the teacher had pointed out.  Upon doing Reiki, my hands got very hot and the healing commenced as normal with her husband watching.  I felt very strong Compassion for the woman and knew she wanted to be rid of it.

At the end of the dream was an image of ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus”.  I’m familiar with that image and I believe the Catholics use it a lot, but I can only conjecture as to how it applies here.  Jesus was a healer and the one I’m most familiar with having been raised Christian, which is just a sect of Judaism.  Christians have a hard time accepting this, but Christianity is just amended Judaism or a sect of Judaism.  Jesus was a Jew.  He did not found Christianity.  The Apostle Paul and the Emperor Constantine are by and large the founders of the sect  Jesus was a Jew, a lover, and and healer.  He was completely connected to his heart as a healer.  Maybe there is some kind of affinity; especially with regard to this dream.

Jesus (2)


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