What is real AGING?

If you “Google” the word aging, you’re going to read mostly social perceptions of aging that are based on the perceived movement of TIME.  First, social stuff is not rational; it’s cultural, perceptual, and mythological.  ITS FACEBOOK!!!!   Yeeha. It snowballs into huge mythological thought forms as it hangs in the ethers and then we call it “reality”.  To each his own.  Aging is one of those thought forms.  Second, Time is a wave.  Our cells have been shown by physics experiments to exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. The only reason you’re visible in this one is because Scotty beamed you up.  Scotty is your Father Luke!  Wait, which show am I in?

You’ve got Earth Coordinates through your family, your DNA, your genetic code.  Your unique genetic code, in your cells nucleus are your Earth Coordinates.  You’re only visible because you “get that”.  You don’t need to worship that; AKA “My family is the most important thing on the planet”.  If it is to you, that’s fine.  That is a prevailing thoughtform as well.  But we don’t have to absorb each other’s thought forms as Truth.  Personally, I came to write the show and be in the show not bond with the guy in the ticket booth and just stand there.  You got your ticket, you got on the train.  Now get off and explore and create an adventure! Your genetic code was your ticket to Earth.  That’s all it is.  The rest of the drama is yours to write.  The Truth is, as a species, we are closely related to ALL LIFE FORMS, every species on Earth, etc.  We are one giant Earth Family; the humans, the trees the squirrels, the kitty’s, the dogs, the elephants, insects and marine life.  God this is a great planet; and an evolving one.  So the Scientists have huge fun observing it for all of us to scoff at in lieu of football and beer.  It’s a free universe and your DNA doesn’t rule it.  Your Mind and Heart do.

That’s where Space comes in to trump perceptions of Time.  Your cells are mostly empty space.  The trillions of cells that make up your body are 90% or more, empty space.  Your cells just happen to be spinning at 60,000 miles per second; so fast that they appear to be solid.  That is why you appear solid.  That is a scientific fact.  Anyhoo, I digress a bit.

The Medical/Scientific Definition of Aging is actually Cellular Stress

1. The process of growing old, especially by failure of replacement of cells in sufficient number to maintain full functional capacity; particularly affects cells (neurons) incapable of mitotic division.

I’ll state that again.

Try to wrap your brain around that.  Say it to yourself as a mantra.  Know that your stress level is within your control. Don’t listen to other people.  It is best to look up scientific definitions of things…I find. Yes, scientists are human and have an ego and love money too.  But on the whole, scientists are some of the brightest, well-educated, OBJECTIVE, analytical people without too much emotional attachment to anyone and they really like to have fun and be weird.  The scientific method got us through the dark ages of religious oppression.  It’s getting us through the current technosphere assault on the Earth.  It will hopefully get us through the healthcare paradigm shift we’re going through right now.

Cellular stress is caused by our interaction with SPACE not Time. Therefore, aging is caused by our interaction with space. What is space?  Space is the air, the Earth around us, Gravity, our bodies and the food we put in it, the ethers, and our thoughts/Minds.  So Aging is determined by the air we breath, how we breath, our thoughts about our bodies and treatment of our bodies, the food we eat, and whether we’ve made friends with Gravity.  The discipline of Tai Chi is fabulous for helping your body make friends with gravity.  Yoga helps your body make friends with your breathing and with the air.  And local farmers markets or your own garden help you make friends with your food.  And once you make friends with gravity (mass/weight), air, and food, you’ve made friends with yourself!

To sum it up, Aging is cellular stress, caused by our relationship with the Space around and in us, and is completely within our control.  Aging is not caused by the perceived progression of Time.  Time isn’t linear.  Time spirals in waves.  It has nothing to do with aging.


This is a picture of a Cell Membrane Bound Carrier.  It ferry’s information to and from your Cell Membranes.  These carriers have more impact on the Cell nucleus than the DNA (which also resides in each cell nucleus).  The information in this carrier comes from SPACE-your space.  You program this carrier in your cell with your thoughts and actions.  The DNA does NOT program your cells.  These carriers of information from your SPACE controls your cell.  It’s a fact.

Please adjust your frequency now.  Think the thoughts that float your cork and create solutions.  Sure, on Earth, we need to accurately IDENTIFY the problem and that’s it.  No more focus on the problem.  Stop talking about it. Focus on the solution/solutions.

1.  Identify the problem;  The problem has been that our perception of Time is linear and that Time controls our cells.  It is not linear and it does not control our cells.

2.  One Solution;  Space/Mind controls our cells.  The thoughts we choose controls our space, our bodies, all Life around us.  The solution is to think the thoughts that float your own cork and let that permeate your space and those you love and have affinity with.

There are a million solutions to the entropy.  What a wild ride.


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