Song of the Week 51: Águas de Março (Waters of March) – Tom Jobim

I’ve listened to this tune for years. Love it!

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Olá a todos!

I’ve always loved Brazilian music, because of the mix of jazz improvisation, African and Latin rhythms and its harmonic sophistication, but I never really knew too much about it. I just knew I liked it. After today’s song of the week, you and I will know a little more about that corner of the world. We’re going to talk about one of Brazil’s most famous and fondly remembered sons, one of her greatest musicians, responsible for several of the twentieth century’s most well known melodies; one of which is this week’s Song of the Week…

Águas de Março was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s rainiest month, March, which is usually marked by storms, heavy rains and strong winds that often cause flash flooding around the city. The music and lyrics both progress downward symbolising streams of water flowing down streets into gutters, carrying sticks, stones, bits of…

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