Don’t Move….yet.

I love what I read today about “creating”.

1.  Sit still

2.  Focus your mind/thoughts on what causes you to feel good or observe something or someone that makes you feel good.  This is out of the box.  Everyone is different.  (I guess if war brings a smile to your face-go there…I mean really.  You get my meaning.  It doesn’t have to be kitties, roses, and cookies.  hahahaha)

3.  Keep doing that until you’re inspired TO MOVE.  Then take the action of your choice.

Productive action arises only out of thoughts that inspire you or cause you to feel good about life, yourself, others, anything! The thoughts have to arise out of your core-out of your center.  This is how evolution and creation is unique.  This is how each individual is empowered instead of enslaved.  And it’s NATURAL.  This is the natural flow of life from your voice.  LOVE IT! See you in the ethers.Image


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