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Healers heal themselves, they don’t heal others. We can share our work with others though so they can be about taking care of themselves also. Healers are authentic, living examples of how we can step out of our subconscious imprinting from parents, family, and provincial upbringing to create our conscious mind and live a truly free life of our choosing. We also know how to access the information in our unconscious mind through the dream state. The unconscious mind transcends the intellect, brings forward intuition and allows it to MANIFEST in physical! The information in the dream state, where there is no thinking, is available to everyone.

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Friday S.O.-1 Magnetic Valine or Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed

Synchronicity; Note 1:53-2:22 focus on MAGNETISM on this Tone 1 Magnetic day.

Synchronicity at 2:50 forward to cosmic resonances with the Hidden Wisdom; Red 13 Cosmic Earth.

  • Theme; 1 Valine or Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed; Attracting awareness, targeting focus
  • Analog; 1 Arginine or Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle; Vision with purpose, confident, scientific accuracy
  • Guide Power this morning; 1 Valine-ITSELF; unifying potential, leadership, magnetic influencer
  • Antipode this afternoon; 1 Lysine or White 1 Magnetic Wizard-activator or receptive enchantment, psychic aligned with Source, shaman magician
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk; 13 Phenylalanine or Red 13 Cosmic Earth; Big Synchronicity, sense of direction from within your body and mind
  • 5GForce; 13 Histidine or Yellow 13 Warrior; Cosmic Intelligence, Free-Will Diligence, Bravery
I unify in order to target. Attracting awareness I seal the input of flowering with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

A Perfect Example of 13:20-12:60 Unifying the Body or DNA in Time

Note that when the circle (the ZERO) is twisted into two strands it’s the lemniscate or symbol for eternity, it is also the number 8 or 4 x 2 which is the principle of holism in the body. Earth, nature and the body are rooted in FOUR, or self-existing.

Biological fact;

The average person is born with 33 individual bones (the vertebrae) that interact and connect with each other through flexible joints called facets. By the time a person becomes an adult most have only 24 distinct vertebrae (the principle of 4 in the body) because some vertebrae at the bottom end of the spine fuse together during normal growth and development. We have S1-5 and I1-4 which most people call their tailbone. The math; 33-9=24.

(This was shown to me at 3:30am)

HF 33 is right in the center of the mystic column, that in the Tzolkin, relates to our spine. HF33 pulses to the lumbar spine. It is a transfer point of QI in the body between CA, civilizational advance, and AC, aboriginal continuity timelines just as it is in The Tzolkin. The past is remembered and comes forward through the upper body; Yellow Sun down to Red Moon and the future comes into the present below the navel, White Dog through Blue Storm.

CA Timeline; past to present; HF1-33 first part

  • Yellow Sun; top of head, 7th crown chakra, Enlightenment
  • Red Dragon; 6th chakra, forehead, eyes and third eye, brain, Ancestral memory, primordial Mother, Being, creative energy, personal power, identity, the ID
  • White Wind; Nose, mouth, sinus, ears, the part you put a mask on; Spirit, communication, breath, presence of truth, inspiration
  • Blue Night; 5th Chakra, throat, neck; self-expression, singing, meditation, poetry, music, art
  • Yellow Seed: shoulders, pecs, upper arms; strength, potential, active, reaching from the heart
  • Red Serpent; Progeny of Red Dragon; elbows, breasts, mother, survival, desire to live, passion, Desire, Life Force, Instinct
  • White World Bridger; 4th Chakra, Heart, Liver, Gallbladder, small intestine, lungs; Death and Change, balancing the body, equalization of forces, transmutation
  • Blue Hand; Stomach, Eating, Hunger, Blood Sugar; Accomplishment, opener of gateways, manifesting into physical. We have to eat.
  • Yellow Star; 3rd Power Chakra, Upper thorax, Core Muscles, appendix; Way shower, self-esteem, personal power, confidence, elegance, art,
  • Red Moon; Progeny of Red Dragon; Navel, intestines, seat of emotional brain, umbilical cord to mother, ancestral QI, belly dancing, hips, top of the pelvis, Lumbar vertebrae 1, 2, 3; Universal Water, Feelings, 2nd Chakra, emotional, self-remembering, fantasy prone, romantic expander

This was the first 10 archetypes on the left.

AC Timeline Future back to Present-HF33, bottom part to HF65. It’s almost all muscle and bone full of DNA which can be mutated with workout.

  • White Dog; Lumbar vertebrae L4, and L5, Uterus, all reproductive organs, walking muscles, upper thighs, highly sexual area, Chakra 1; love, loyalty, heart (my values down there! but I’m not hip.), helpful, guardian, protection, companion, consistent, faithful, team player. (Now you begin to see how the media and our society has HIJACKED this timeline from women and men to control our future. It all starts with how they portray human sexuality. It’s materialistic vampiring, Time is Money/Sex)
  • Blue Monkey; thighs, hip joints; Play, manifestation and grounding of magic, movement, physical workout, walking, running, jumping, athletic.
  • Yellow Human; The gluts, anus, lower butt muscles. Inner thigh/adductors, sexual; deep walking muscles
  • Red Skywalker; Progeny of Red Dragon, Outer thigh/abductors, ; initiates movement, explores, awake to earth ways and how to move on it in the body, a traveler, gypsy
  • White Wizard; KNEES that RECEIVE kinetic energy to move, sensitive area to touch; Receptiveness to spiritual movement.
  • Blue Eagle; outer lower leg tissue; grounded to be able to take flight in the mind, create
  • Yellow Warrior; inside leg tissue; receptive transmitter, intelligent and graceful
  • Red Earth; Progeny of Red Dragon, ankles; can feel earth synchronicity, tracks clues, collects synergy between heaven and earth, governs the earth force through the ankles.
  • White Mirror; top of the feet and toes; grounds to reflect order and endlessness. The tops of your feet receive all of the energy from above. Vibe on your feet and feel how intense foot energy is. This is the analog of Red Dragon.
  • Blue Storm; bottom of the feet and toes. Your feet MOVE YOU. They catalyze earth energy from the bottom of the feet and send it up the spine to the head!! They receive energy and allow you to self-generate by getting moving. Your feet MOVE you! They liberate your mind and intention ONTO the earth. They show you what choices you’re making from up top, they are an activator of ascension.

Babies come from the future into the present right into HF33 in the womb and then down the the next few harmonics. HF 34-65 is manifested in time from the future through everything in our lower bodies. The lower body is prophetic and creates our future through movement.

That is the sacrum, the bony plate at the base of the spine that comes before the ischial spine that curves under and goes into the body. It used to be our tail. It is the seat of the KUNDALINI, the rak fire or the Dragon Fire that started our lives on this planet through the primordial mother; RED DRAGON TRIBE.

NASA Fearmongering, as usual.

Our E.T. ancestors could destroy an asteroid in a heartbeat and would to make sure we survive. The genetic experiment on this planet is no joke. They’ve already shut down our ability to play with nuclear weapons.

As a species, we’re about to level up on the evolutionary scale. I don’t believe NASA wants us to know this. Gee, are they black hats? I don’t know that they are on the side of humans.

Until Disclosure happens and the full truth comes out, I wouldn’t believe any fear-mongering. They stand to benefit in huge profits on MARS by freaking everyone out on earth. Then they can continue to maraud and wreak havoc in our solar system. The Moon has already been secured so hang in there and don’t listen to mainstream science. They are on the side of the ORION group. This is B.S.

Asteroid impact: NASA simulation shows we are sitting ducks

Even with six months’ notice, we can’t stop an incoming asteroid.

ROBBY BERMAN05 May, 2021

Asteroid impact: NASA simulation shows we are sitting ducks

Credit: NASA/JPL

  • At an international space conference, attendees took part in an exercise that imagined an asteroid crashing into Earth. (whatever you imagine is putting literal energy into the psi bank to be destructive. It’s creative visualization IN SHADOW)
  • With the object first spotted six months before impact, attendees concluded that there was insufficient time for a meaningful response.
  • There are an estimated 25,000 near-Earth objects potentially threatening our planet.

The asteroid 2021 PDC was first spotted on April 19, 2021 by the Pan-STARRS project at the University of Hawaii. By May 2, astronomers were 100% certain it was going to strike Earth somewhere in Europe or northern Africa. On October 20, 2021, the asteroid plowed into Europe, taking countless lives. (That’s a FUTURE date)

There was absolutely nothing anyone could do to deflect it from its deadly course. Experts could only warn a panicking population to get out of the way as soon as possible, if it was possible.

The above scenario is the result of a recently concluded NASA thought experiment.

The question the agency sought to answer was this: If we discovered a potentially deadly asteroid destined to hit Earth in six months, was there anything we could do to prevent a horrifying catastrophe? The disturbing answer is “no,” not with currently available technology.

While Europe can breathe easy for now, the simulation conducted by NASA/JPL’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies and presented at the 7th IAA Planetary Defense Conference is troubling. Space agencies spot “near-Earth objects” (NEOs) all the time. Many are larger than 140 meters in size, which means they’re potentially deadly.

Sitting Ducks

Credit: ImageBank4U / Adobe Stock

“The level [at] which we’re finding the 140-meter and larger asteroids remains pretty stable, at about 500 a year. Our projection of the number of these objects out there is about 25,000, and we’ve only found a little over one-third of those so far, maybe 38% or so,” NASA’s Planetary Defense Office Lindley Johnson tells

With our current technology, spotting an NEO comes down to whether we just happen to have a telescope pointing in its direction. To remove humanity’s blind spot, the Planetary Society — the same organization that deployed Earth’s first light sails — is developing the NEO Surveyor spacecraft, which they plan to deploy in 2025. According to the Planetary Society, it will be able to detect 90 percent of NEOs of 140 meters or larger, a vast improvement.

How to move an asteroid

The DART spacecraft will attempt to deflect an asteroid.Credit: NASA

The NASA/JPL exercise made clear that six months is just not enough time with our current technology to prepare and launch a mission in time to nudge an NEO off its course. (Small course adjustments become significant over great distances, which is why “nudging” an asteroid is a potential strategy.)

What would such a mission look like? Hollywood aside — remember Armageddon?— we know of no good way to redirect an NEO headed our way. Experts believe that shooting laser beams at an incoming rock, exciting as it might look, is not a realistic possibility. Targeted nuclear blasts might work, but forget about landing Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler on an asteroid to set off a course-altering bomb, especially just a month after its discovery (as was the case in the movie).

Another thing that might work is crashing a spacecraft into an NEO hard enough to shift its course. That’s the idea behind NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART). This mission will shoot a spacecraft at the (non-threatening) asteroid Dimorphos in the fall of 2022 in the hope of changing its trajectory.

The deadly asteroid’s journey

The asteroid “2021 PDC” hit Europe in NASA’s simulation.Credit: NASA/JPL

The harrowing “tabletop exercise,” as NASA/JPL called it, took place across four days at the conference:

  • Day 1, “April 19” — The asteroid named “2021 PDC” is discovered 35 million miles away. Scientists calculate it has a 1-in-20 chance of striking Earth.
  • Day 2, “May 2” — Now certain that 2021 PDC will hit Earth, space mission designers attempt to dream up a response. They conclude that with less than six months to impact, there’s not enough time to realistically mount a mission to disrupt the NEO’s course.
  • Day 3, “June 30” — Images from the world’s four largest telescopes reveal the area in Europe that will be hit. Space-based infrared measurements narrow the object’s size to between 35 and 700 meters. This would pack a similar punch as a 1.2-megaton nuclear bomb.
  • Day 4, “October 14” — Six days before impact, the asteroid is just 6.3 million km from Earth. Finally, the Goldstone Solar System Radar has been able to assess the size of 2021 PDC. Scientists calculate the blast from the asteroid will be primarily confined to the border region between Germany, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. Disaster response experts develop plans for addressing the human toll.

“Each time we participate in an exercise of this nature,” says Johnson, “we learn more about who the key players are in a disaster event, and who needs to know what information, and when.”

Practically speaking, little can be done to hurry technological development along other than budgeting more money toward that goal. Maybe we should have Bruce Willis on call, just in case.

Thursday. The solar alignments are in Synchromicity with 13Alanine or Blue 13 Night. S.O. video

We’re at the end of this 13-day cycle on the CA timeline. Blue Night is the 4th archetype.

  • Theme: 13 Alanine or Blue 13 Night; dreaming, intuition, abundance.
  • Analog: 13 Histidine; Yellow 13 Warrior or intelligence, questioning and fearlessness.
  • Guide Power this morning: 13 Isoleucine or Blue 13 Hand; accomplishment, healing and knowing
  • Antipode this afternoon; 13 Glutamine or Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker (me); Exploration, wakefulness and space.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk; 1 Tyrosine or White 1 Mirror; reflect order and endlessness
  • 5GForce; 1 Phenylalanine or Red 1 Magnetic Earth (See the S.O. video about the electromagnetism of the earth.

Astrology from Cafe Astrology

  • Venus forms a trine to Pluto this morning, and the need to share or enjoy life on more profound levels dominates.
  • This influence helps us get in touch with what we most love and cherish. We might narrow our focus to our advantage under this influence.
  • We seek to grow, improve, or develop our attachments.
  • Recognizing the value of patience, we’re more strategic, and we’re likely to gain new insight into business and personal relationships. (Saturn mediates theme and analog today)
  • Mercury forms a creative quintile to Neptune (White Mirror is mediated by Neptune) this afternoon, and along with the Pisces Moon, we’re especially idealistic, spiritually aware, and sensitive.
  • These influences encourage us to get in touch with our imaginative, compassionate side.
  • Boundaries dissolve, and we are disinclined to make definite or firm plans, conclusions, and decisions, preferring to allow for possibilities.
  • We might avoid confrontations or challenging situations now. It’s a good time to dream, inspire, and seek inspiration.
I endure in order to dream. Transcending intuition I seal the input of abundance with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

This is Fun. Share it With Your Friends, Especially the Dems.

His tone is like mine regarding the freaking SICK-CARE system. Just inept and I have twenty years worth of constant complaints and pain reports from my patients to back it up.

HOLISTIC Medicine is ANCIENT and has been suppressed and made illegal and illegitimate by the same global elite who are keeping DISCLOSURE in the closet. It isn’t going to last much longer. Human beings are viewed as royalty by our E.T. ancestors for good reason; Our Blood. No doctor or scientist in the system has any clue about how powerful our blood is when activated by our focused mind and aligned heart.

I hope you’re doing some critical thinking and getting on the self-empowerment train, taking care of yourself and keeping your T.V. off.

Watch “Galactic Electric Sheet, Higher Earthquake Risk | S0 News May.5.2021” on YouTube

The spiralling sheets he’s talking about are the Tzolkin Harmonic or the Universal Harmonic Code as pure intelligent energy bathing our solar system.

Take note of the spirals and geometry of the sheets. I see it in Earth Ascending. Jose was a visionary and saw all of this and more.

My son is the analog today. I want to give you an example of how you could respond on this theme-plex based on a conversation we just had.

Me; “Are you doing D&D today?”

“No. One of our friends is ill; mentally.”

“Sorry to hear that. I’ll do a positive Reiki meditation for him. You could do it too.”

“No. I don’t like him. I don’t care about him.”

“Alex, you don’t have to care or like someone to do the right thing. You just have to DO the right thing and not wish them harm.

Alex, “*Sigh*.” as he marched up the stairs. LOL.

That convo. was a synchronicity.

It’s like working out. You don’t have to lie to yourself that you enjoy or feel like working out you just have to do it. I like working out but many of my patients don’t and that’s because they don’t drink water. When you’re dehydrated or not thirsty that means you are SUBLIMATING YOUR FEELINGS about yourself or something. Their muscles are like rocks because the blood isn’t moving because they’re dehydrated. Water (Red Moon) helps you purify the FLOW of your truth. Your feelings and thoughts go right into your muscles. Just do it. Don’t hold onto or lie about how you really feel. You don’t have to TALK about it. Just DO the right thing for yourself and slowly let it go. Drink water and get moving.

  • Theme is 12Glycine or White 12 Crystal Wind.: communication on the CA forward timeline to advance our civilization
  • Analog is 12Phenylalanine or Red 12 Crystal Earth. This is synchronicity from the AC (aboriginal continuity) timeline and is prophetic from the future.
  • Guide power for 30 more minutes is 12Lysine or White 12 Crystal Wizard. This is timelessness from the AC timeline and is prophetic.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 12Glutamic Acid or Yellow 12 Crystal Human. This is US from the future and is prophetic. Many E.T. say they are humans evolved into the future visiting us in our present TO HELP.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk to midnight is 2Tryptophan or Blue 2 Polar Storm. This is Self generation from the AC timeline and is prophetic. Dualism is not new in the universe but is eradicated on a different timeline.
  • 5GForce is 2Tyrosine or White 2 Mirror, also on the AC timeline and prophetic.

So you can see that in this theme-plex today we have 5 pulses from THE FUTURE into our present timeline. That’s how it works. We are always on BOTH timelines to some extent as far as Time and evolution of natural DNA in us and in nature. What we DO see with our physical eyes is SYNCHRONICITY. That is the analog today; Red 12 Crystal Earth. Then we know how to accurately navigate.

In that way, the DIMENSIONS MERGE. Be very careful not to think, “Oh, I’m in manifested 3D and what I see in front of my two physical eyes is reality! If I control THAT, I’ll be DOMINANT on the planet.” And then ensues a belief in LACK and then COMPETITION and then GRASPING and down we go because of ego.

That is the manifestation of ERROR which is EVIL. It puts you right into shadow and creates karma for your timeless soul. Unless you’re into that for some reason. It is a choice. Free Will. Source will not stop you from error. No way no how. People try to but Source doesn’t. There are big lessons in making errors and there is no judgment. Just sayin’. What goes around comes around and we reap what we sow. There is no escape from cause and effect.

I dedicate in order to Communicate. Universalizing Breath I seal the input of Spirit with the Crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Timelessness.

The Interplanetary Holon; What is Time Travel?

Keep this image somewhere so you can look at it. It shows how the Mayan DNA as Time syncs up with astrology in our local solar system. There are 10 planets and 20 tribes of time.

As far as the movement of time, please note that the left side, galactic karmic inbreath is CA, civilizational advance which an awareness of past to present. These kin will perceive life that way. We are on the left side as of yesterday with Yellow 10 Sun.

The right side in 9 days is AC, aboriginal continuity or perception of the future first, then seen in the present. It’s the solar-prophetic outbreath. These kin are prophetic outliers, unable to be controlled by the reigning paradigm of preoccupation with the past. They can see the future.

It is important to note that YOUR ANALOG is on the opposite side from your tribe so BOTH timelines are always functioning at the same time in us and on the planet. This is TIME TRAVEL. It is in our minds and thus in our awareness.

This Information is in Major Synchronicity with The Subject Matter of my Blog. The Number 3 and 33.

Note the part at 1:47. I had never seen this video before. Today’s Hidden Wisdom is Tone 3 as well; Yellow 3 Sun. I noted in HF33 that Kin 132 was the Holy Trinity five years ago. I’ll confirm that later. Starting with patients right now.