5D, 4D, and 3D BODY

The light body

You may notice I’m delineating more on the daily post what is pulsing in Spirit, Mind, and Body, which functions as ONE in unity at the same time. Some of what I post may be heady, but when it comes to the body and your consciousness, there is nothing complicated about it.

3D pulsing is illuminated in astrology as fire, earth, air, and water, the 10 planets, and the 4 directions. Then those aspects have relationships to each other such as sextile, squared, trine, conjunct and so forth based on geometry, also very 3D. Astrology is one with astronomy, but scientists don’t tend to believe in consciousness, feelings, or empowerment. Scientists tend to be like bankers; 3D clenchers with talisman and time is money reductionism. This is the conscious mind that keeps people locked in money, sex, security, and stuff. It tends to manifest at the low back and down to the feet.

Astrologers are tuned in, esoteric, intuitive, psychic, and pretty cool. I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve studied it all my life and dig astronomy. They also lean to psychology with cultural bias, IMO. Most astrologers aren’t eccentric artists. They are very down to earth and are not generally intellectuals.

4D is the focus on this blog obviously, Time is DNA and the Mayan Oracle, and all of my work merged with the IChing oracle. The 4D body is well known by Reiki and Lightworkers. We’ve been around as long as astrologers, thousands of years, but the Mayan Oracle via Jose Arguelles dates to 1990. My perspective is very new, and most don’t get it. The Tzolkin illuminates the etheric body as the light aura emitted by the body as time like the Psi Bank is the auroras emitted as the mind of the earth as time. They are the same colors as well as the 52-day cycles, the tribes which are the amino acids that evolve as manifested DNA, the colors of the 🌈 and the auroras. This is the subconscious mind and is focused in the 2nd chakra as feelings.

The 4D Etheric time body is feelings based on ruminating about the past or the future, the 2 strands of the DNA in your trillion cells. It literally manifests your 3D body and everything that goes on IN IT, your health. Obviously, you are the only one in charge of what you silently think and feel all day unless you watch TV continually. Then the T.V. is literally programming your TIME which is your Body, which is your perspective on your past and your future. People get sick and die because of those habitual negative feelings gs at the bottom of the chart. I start at 250 and go up, never down.

5D is the CNS or brain and spine in the body but goes out through the crown chakra. It is the Axis of the Eternal Present or Timelessness and tunes you in to your Astral Body. This is where you are when you are asleep. It is the unconscious mind. When I tune into it it begins a natural rocking motion or lightly spinning motion in the body. It’s not difficult. I just close my eyes and focus on my pineal gland and it spins. If it’s not open you can have a practitioner help you open it. Sometimes that thing is like a disco ball if the frequencies of the earth are off the charts. Then you have to lay down and get a grip. Your pineal gland in the mid brain is a star gate. You can use it to remote view or do wakeful dreaming but you must do it with your own intention or it’s like walking out your front door without doing a protective mudra. Anyone off the street can try to get in your etheric space, like having the news on. The other problem is a parent or relative that has died, that you were very emotionally tied to, and you haven’t let go of them. That is an entity attachment and not healthy at all. It’s one thing to have a passed on friend visit for five minutes but they should not be around all the time or they are interfering with your destiny and time in the body. It will make you ill. Tell them to go! A Reiki Master can help also. But disembodied people are no different than embodied people. Tell them to leave you alone and by universal law they have to leave you alone.

The colors mix. They aren’t just one layer. The body is ONE whole so your first chakra can run gold if you are consciously running it. And your crown can run red if you’re very angry or have to physically defend yourself.

Time Thieves “Time is Money” Update; What’s Going on With the Banks?

Sergio Ermotti returns as UBS CEO to steer Credit Suisse takeover | Reuters


UBS is United Bank of Switzerland. They have ties to the Vatican Bank (C%^&$) and most everyone really.

The Vatican
United Bank of Switzerland

Notice how similar their logo is to the Vatican. Both logos feature keys crossing each other, no coincidence. Symbols and archetypes are powerful.

I think Mr. Ermotti is reluctant or is being strong-armed to do it; the godfather of banking, no doubt able to deal with people in government money systems, the Vatican Bank, and the mafia with a deft hand. That’s where all the money is. This link illuminates their ties to each other as recent as 2021. A Vatican official was on UBS payroll.


The real obstacle to reform isn’t structural or legal. It’s cultural. Until you fix the culture, changing laws and structures is like tossing buckets of water off the deck of the Titanic.

The link above

Timeweather for Wednesday, 3/29/23

ScR Psi Bank

7.68 frequency at 25 amplitude.

The 5gforce, 5D ASTRAL BODY in meditation to Up level our Minds;

I dissolve in order to survive. Releasing instinct I seal the store of life force with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a polar kin. I transport the red galactic spectrum.

Kin 245, Red 11 Spectral Serpent

The Etheric (Feeling) 4D Body as Time as the AURA of the 3D Body

3 Jupiter, 3Pluto, 3 Maldek, 11Mars

There is a strong Cancer, emotional neediness in 3D today that is grating for those who are adults and don’t need someone to sleep with us to feel loved. We are being challenged to mature our feelings by using our adult rational mind.

We can choose to be patient with family members who have yet to release romantic Venusian fantasies and heal their inner child, but don’t coddle them and stop taking care of yourself. 11 World Bridger gives us a boost to our DanTien, the ancestral Qi chakra point below the navel, and busts up the past on the right side of the upper abdomen. Then the abdomen above the navel pulses Blue Hand~Yellow Human. 💙 We’re getting stronger no matter what. Cancer and Venus kin aren’t known to be smooth with Mars kin today.

The 3D Cancer Moon is squaring 3D Jupiter (see below), and thus our 4D Tone 3 Electric theme of Eagle~Seed mediated by Jupiter is tense in our feelings. Fortunately, our 3D Aries Sun is mediating our etheric hidden wisdom subconscious mind with our mothers with 4D White 11 Dissolving World Bridger.

3D manifested Body Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
Sun is in Aries and Moon in Cancer
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of cancer, and we tend to seek refuge in familiar places and faces. This transit stirs our need to connect with loved ones and feel a sense of belonging or safety.
  • The Moon’s harmony with Venus and Uranus helps us release and let go, boosting our capacity to embrace different ideas and methods. New techniques or options can emerge, and while the Cancer Moon is traditional and sentimental, we’re not against some minor changes or novel approaches.
  • Later today, the Moon forms a square with Jupiter, and while the overriding need is to detox and calm, there can be tension resulting from conflicts between desires for independence and needs for nurturing. Patience is necessary now.

From cafeastrology.com

Musk, experts urge pause on AI systems, citing ‘risks to society’ | Reuters

Yeah, they are being curbed by The Watchers, who are also keeping the NATURAL earth changes; Psi Bank and pole shift level for our safety.

Musk, Gates, nor any of those guys would do this voluntarily. He’s being handled for sure. Just as the empty threats of nuclear war are being handled by our Local Universe authorities, because we want them to.

The DNA species come first, not the psychopaths in the sandbox playing with A.I., money, and warheads for profit. They are not going to stop our proper collective evolution as time, so keep setting your intentions and loving yourself.


How facial recognition is helping Putin curb dissent with the help of U.S. A.I Tech

Did you really think the U.S. was only helping Ukraine? Government policy is just rhetoric. The truth is that corporations sell to Ukraine and Russia. They don’t care about the war or ethics, only profit. The tech, aerospace, and big pharma own the government and dictate to it. Neither laws nor votes count anymore. All political positioning is programming your mind and time for their purposes, mostly to waste your time so you won’t become a powerful co-creator with the rest of creation.


Timeweather for Tuesday, 3/28/23

White 2 Polar Wizard, 2~12 pulse to polarize and crystallize the frequency in TIME.


Our Watchers are keeping the frequency low on purpose because there has been some artificial DNA forcing to our Sun. Our Gestalt of DNA did not force that huge hole in the sun. I received the info. We are supposed to evolve gradually, nothing terribly intense even with the poles shifting.

The frequency is down to almost 7.45!

The 5GForce

I dedicate in order to equalize. Universalizing opportunity I seal the store of death with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of endlessness.

White 12 Crystal World Bridger, Kin 246

3D to 4D Sync

2Maldek, 2Mars, 2 Jupiter, 12Earth

The situation in TIME is oppositional yet cooperative in the background. People don’t like tension all the time, but they tend to create it with indolent resistance, like children, because they can. They’re testing their own power out on the rest of us. It’s a joy.

We see here the karma of a non-existent planet that failed to balance goddess~god, which is normal in our system with other species. Not with humans. We see the story as the World Bridger guide power that brought us here to start in 12:60 duality again to keep evolution going. The 12:60 is the Jupiter Seed challenge. We had to be reigned in because we blew up a planet when we had access to 13:20! Now, here we are, because of Blue Hand in the hidden wisdom position (and Human tribes), getting us organized on earth and birthing us by helping evolve a lower body. You know the story of humans standing up and becoming two-legged. We became as we are in the body over millions of years and we’re still evolving.

The daily destiny oracle is always one story of our past or our future in the trillions of strands of DNA in every cell of our body. We all get flashes of what it was or will be as we go through our day. We call it wakeful dreaming, but it’s also psychic knowing and setting intentions. What do you want as an individual? Those thought-forms go into the massive gestalt of all DNA MIND on the planet and sends a message to OUR SUN. Do not allow the media or others to set your intentions FOR YOU. Media “programming” is just that. They are programming our DNA for the elite’s profit agenda. It’s up to each of us to set our own intention, not let them tell us what we want. Also, don’t be distracted by voicing an emotional opinion on social media instead of CREATING a GROUNDED intention that you’re actually going to do and not talk about. We all need to cut the blather on the apps. They use it to waste our time so we won’t self-generate ourselves. They have everything to lose and we have everything to gain as a collective with the Earth!!!

All Zodiac Signs
Aries Sun, Cancer Moon. Maybe cook something up with Cayenne. 😁

The situation in SPACE;

  • The Cancer Moon is warm, comfortable, and protective from 6:23 AM EDT.
  • However, a Mars-Uranus semi-square adds an impatient edge to the day’s energies. We may seek to dominate or assert our independence if we feel trapped, restricted, or otherwise limited. We should watch for impulsive moves but also seek creative, inventive ways to get ahead.
  • Fortunately, a Mercury-Mars quintile is incredibly clever energy for figuring things out and solving problems.
  • The First Quarter Moon occurs tonight when the Moon in Cancer forms a square to the Aries Sun. A crisis theme surrounds any quarter Moon phase as we feel compelled to take action. We can face obstacles now, and ideally, they’re motivating.
  • The Moon continues its void period until it enters Cancer today at 6:23 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

Auroras Galore at Low Latitude Because…

No one has said this, but I am going to. The poles of Earth are shifting, and the ringing in my brain is off-putting.

Keep in mind that as you look at the Tzolkin, the red light-time, 52-day cycle comes first, and the green light-time cycle 52-day cycle comes LAST.

We are currently in the red light cycle, but the green light hovers over all of the 5gdorce kin for now. I post that daily.


RED AURORAS OVER FLORIDA (AND ELSEWHERE): This hasn’t happened in nearly 20 years. On March 24th, auroras descended all the way to Florida. Bill Williams photographed their red glow from the Chiefland Astro Village:

What in the world? Normally, we have a very dark horizon looking out over the Suwannee River Basin and Gulf of Mexico,” says Williams. “But my 26-minute exposure taken to capture the Winter Milky Way showed an unusual red glow.”

“The mystery was solved the next day as Spaceweather.com described a severe geomagnetic storm well-seen in the U.S. As far as I know, at 29.4 degrees north latitude, we are the farthest south this aurora has been witnessed, and is the first I have seen here in Florida since 2003 and 1989!”

Most auroras are green, yet when auroras spread to low latitudes, the sightings are almost always red. There’s a simple reason. Ordinary green auroras come from oxygen atoms about 150 km above Earth’s surface. Red auroras are also caused by oxygen, but much higher up, between 150 km and 500 km.

This picture taken the same night by Dean Cosgrove of Curtis, Nebraska, (+40.6N) nicely illustrates the red-on-green altitude structure:

From far-south places like Florida, the greens are eclipsed by the northern horizon, leaving the higher reds to dominate the display.

Other notable sightings of low-latitude red auroras during last week’s storm include New Mexico (+32.8N), North Carolina (+36.5N), Colorado (+40.4N), and California (+39.7N).

Did *you* see red? Submit your photos here. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

Note: Unrelated to auroras, another red glow called “airglow” can also be seen sometimes at low latitudes. Indeed, on any other night, airglow would be a leading explanation for what Williams photographed. But on March 24, 2023, during an extreme geomagnetic storm, with other red auroras being seen only a few degrees away, auroras are the most likely explanation.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery
Spaceweather.com Newsletter

AURORA DUNES SEEN DURING EXTREME STORM: Lots of unusual things were seen during last week’s extreme geomagnetic storm. Alan Dyer of Gleichen, Alberta, photographed one of them, shown here in a deep twilight photo at te onsett of the storm:

“I captured some ‘aurora dunes,'” Dyer says. “They are the horizontal green ripples to the left of Venus and the Moon.”

Aurora dunes are a recently identified form of Northern Lights named after their resemblence to ripples in desert sand. Researchers first explained them in a paper published only a few years ago. The dunes are a “mesospheric bore,” a type of atmospheric gravity wave that springs up from Earth’s surface and gets caught in a thermal waveguide ~100 km high. When solar wind particles rain down on the bore, they illuminate its rippling structure.

Sky watchers in the Arctic have been seeing dunes for years without understanding what they were. A breakthrough came on Oct. 7, 2018, when multiple groups photographed dunes from widely separated locations in Finland. Triangulation revealed the dunes to be ~100 km high with a pure, monochromatic wavelength of about 45 km.

This is a new field of study with potential for discovery. Monitoring aurora dunes may reveal previously hidden waves and waveguides at the boundary between Earth and space. If you see any, submit your photos here.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery
Spaceweather.com Newsletter

Biden Administration Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Pressuring Big Tech to Censor Users

Good. He’s abridging the Constitution at every turn. Free Speech? Free will, all Tzolkonic values.


Synchronicity; This is how they hack HF33! The Netflix Documentary on Emanuela Orlani, “The Vatican Girl”

I believe The Vatican took her and kept her for their purposes, ultimately in Vatican City.

May 13, 1981, White 6 Dog, there was an attempted assassination on Pope John II by Mehmet Ali Aqca. He spoke of the Grey Wolves and the Bulgarians and said he had been hired to do the hit on the Pope by the KGB. All lies.

June 22, 1983, Yellow 9 Solar Sun in HF25, a 15-year-old girl who lives in Vatican City, in the Vatican with her family, disappears. The Pope is in Poland,  connected to the Polish trade union Solidarity Movement. Mafia money was laundered to be sent to fund Solidarity. He delivered it.

They said they wanted Ali Aqsa in exchange for Emanuela. They purposely aligned the assassination attempt with May 13, 1917, White 7 Dog, Fatima, the date of a prophecy that there would be an attempt on the Popes’ life. I believe the Vatican set this up for superstitious religious so they would accuse Aqsa.

The Italian secret service decision was “No. This has nothing to do with international terrorism or Fatima prophecy. They are hiding a secret in the Vatican.”

Emanuela Orlani, born 1/14/1968, White 4 World Bridger, kidnapped 2 years after the assassination attempt is used as a blackmail pawn between the Vatican and the Italian mob, for money owed to them by the Vatican that the Pope gave to the the Polish Solidarity Movement. The money was laundered so the Pope could get away with it. It was done by Roberto Calvi, head of Banco Ambrosiano, a Catholic bank related to Vatican Bank and he handled the money laundering. He was anti-communist and eventually a scapegoat. Calvi was then murdered but they tried to set it up as a suicide. upon investigation, it was obvious that it was a murder.

July 20, 1983, Yellow 11 Spectral Star, about one month later, is the date that her family first hear from a stranger, and the plan is made clear. They want to swap the assassin Aqsa with Emanuela, or they will kill her. You can see by the image below that the timing of this blackmail threat was a hack of HF33. Anyone who moves energy in Yellow 11 Star (Yuja Wang) is moving the most powerful 5th density energy by their own intention. The vibratory frequency of the female, sex, and music are the strongest on the planet so if you can tie your own intention to one of those, it has a good chance of being manifested through implicate order because there is no 3D governance over the next 4 days.

This date, when they suggest blackmail on Yellow 11 Star, is right in the mystic column, the day before HF33! They kidnapped her on Yellow 9 Solar Sun at the end of HF30 right before the mystic column, Red 4 Dragon.

They keep investigating it which you can see on the show if you watch it. 2016, Vatileaks; the leak of secret Vatican documents on corruption and financial mismanagement. It was a battle with the journalists. Investigators within the Vatican tried to create lies. They want complete secrecy. Priest of prefecture of economic affairs got into a safe and stole secret documents showing connections with the Masons.

There was a secret dossier, 197 pages on Emanuela on Italian soil and a folder with document dated March 28, 1998 which is Red 3 Moon, the analog of White 3 Dog which is the birth gateway of J.C. That is a very powerful kin next to White 13 Dog in HF33.

Cardinal Lorenzo Antonneti knew what happened the whole time. He was listing expenses for the removal of her to London, to live in London, and then to bring her back to Vatican City. No mention of whether she was dead or alive.

Costs were covered by the Vatican, in London, 1993 TO 1997 while while she was 25-29 living at. 176 Clapham Rd at a cost of 8 million lyra. It was in a youth hostel owned by Father Sacalabrini. He had a very strong connection to Vatican. They found nothing. 21 million lyra was spent for her transfer back to the Vatican. The Pope said to a relative that “she was in heaven.” There is still no proof that she died and he offered none, yet he had the gaul to say that.


Man Who Shot Pope in 1981 Is Freed on January 18, 2010, YELLOW 11 SPECTRAL SUN!!! Synchronicity. However, no one knows what happened to Emanuela Orlani.

So I turned to Yellow 11 Sun in HF45 of my Tzolkin, and there is 11 Sun at the bottom, but yesterday I had just put sticky notes there because Blue 10 Storm is the day before it and has the 5gforce of Red 4 Dragon which heads up the central Mystic column where there is no ELM or binary and HF33 is right in the center. The antipode of Blue 10 Storm was 3 days ago when I figured this out; 3/24/23. Major synchronicity.

2018, in a white envelope, it said,  “If you want to find Emanuela, search for where the angel is watching.”  The Vatican owned a cemetery called  Teutonic. They dug it up on July 11, 2019, Blue 12 Storm. They opened the tomb, and it was empty. What was they purpose of this? Teutonic means related to the German people. German Nazis and the Vatican are considered the Time Thieves, and are intertwined with Hitler being a Catholic from his childhood. The Catholics have a very mixed history with the Nazis and many priests actually helped hide Jews during WWII. But the Nazi party was started in very Catholic Munich, Germany. The short of it is that there is a strong connection between the Vatican, the Nazi party, and German Catholicism.

As we move into more modern times, It came to light that a Cardinal very close to the pope bothered her with sexual advances in the Vatican Garden back in 1982. She confided in a friend in 1982 but her friend never said anything until now. She was a minor, so legally, it would be considered pedophilia. She would have never told her family that a Cardinal bothered her.  Her friend very strongly felt it had to do with sexual advances. It’s in the documentary.

2023-There is no proof of where she is, alive or dead. My sight says she lives in the Vatican as “The Vatican Wife” either with one man or passed around between the men probably to deal with the sexual predatory instinct, to quell it being visited on children? I have a friend who spent quite a bit of time in Italy, and she said the men are very sexist and predatory, if I went there I should be careful.

My experience with a straight Catholic priest was the same. He hit on every woman in the parish and felt we had a duty to service him. He was despised by the local priests, I found out at a job interview, because they knew what he was doing and told me. It’s all in my book, Healer. I was married at the time, and he knew it, yet did his best to have an affair with me. There were scads of synchronicity around it. I pushed him away. The Grand Rapids Diocese got an 8 page report out of me and I quit. Another parish wanted to hire me for a big job and I practically spit in their face. I want nothing to do with the Catholic Church and feel the U.N. should disband it as a criminal organization.

They moved him to a new parish where he did the same thing with the music director. Then he got ill and died. The priest was Red 11 Serpent, at the head of my inverse harmonic. The inverse harmonic energy is real. It contains your Hidden Wisdom, subconscious programming, reason for incarnating to the planet to face something down.

Synchronicity is real and we all need to use it in Light, not in shadow as these patriarchal institutions have to drive a wedge between women and men, families and their children, and humans and the earth.

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