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Healers heal themselves, they don’t heal others. We can share our work with others though so they can be about taking care of themselves also. Healers are authentic, living examples of how we can step out of our subconscious imprinting from parents, family, and provincial upbringing to create our conscious mind and live a truly free life of our choosing. We also know how to access the information in our unconscious mind through the dream state. The unconscious mind transcends the intellect, brings forward intuition and allows it to MANIFEST in physical! The information in the dream state, where there is no thinking, is available to everyone.

China…The Dragon Family, Human Progeny of Red Dragon Tribe Who Founded Life on the Planet; Cysteine Contains Sulfur which is a Founding Element on Earth!

Cysteine and methionine are two amino acids that contain sulfurMethionine is an essential amino acid, whereas cysteine is synthesized from methionine and therefore is nonessential.

Methionine is the START CODON in the A.A. Sequence. Red Moon Tribe is Methionine and contains sulfur.

  1. Dragon Tribe is Tribe #1; Cysteine which contains Sulfur. The #1 element starting life on Earth.
  2. Red Moon Tribe is Tribe #10; Start Codon which contains Sulfur. It’s the central A.A. starting the sequence in the chain Amino Acids; BOTH RED.

This is a big synchronicity with science.

Earth’s Magnetic Field is Weakening…since 1850 (See at the 3 minute mark)

Also, we’re looking at a decade until the micronova Sun Flare happens. It’s essential that we get Disclosure done in the next ten years so a remnant of the species survives.

My piece is to educate humans about how they can heal their own DNA (not the current system of sick care or the geneticists) and that it is achieved by realizing that you are Time itself. Your perception of time is in your body. It’s up to us how things go on this planet. BE CONSCIOUS.

Children From 5-12 Are still Awake to Their Psychic Mind

It’s obviously natural to our DNA.

Monday; Collective Synchronicity and Evolution

Phenylalanine, Glycine, Methionine, Isoleucine, and Valine

“I dedicate in order to evolve.

Universalizing Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.

I am guided by the power of Universal Water. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter Me.”

The mediating planet is Uranus. There is a challenging alignment with Saturn that is difficult for our Aquarius Sun and Red Earth kin to get things ship shape. Time to run some self-discipline and this applies to my son who is Aquarius Sun/Red Earth with this birth themeplex.

These kin and this energy running today will not flow if you give over your personal power and the estimation of yourself to others. You have to take the reigns and navigate your own ship (mind and body). This is difficult for anyone under the influence of Uranus. You folks are in another world. I don’t know what Uranus is like but it’s clear to me from knowing Aquarius and Red Earth that this planet, Earth, is very strange for you and the rules go out the window.

Along comes Saturn who is fairly close to us, whom we have had a long relationship with, cracking it’s whip. None of us gets a long time to hang our on earth so it’s best to maximize your lesson time.

You have White 12 Wind to help you as your analog. You know how to talk, keep your groupies and fans together, in your court and god help those who betray you. Good communication is with you if you can just wrap your mind around our earth words. There is some garble here and difficulty hearing words correctly.

The Guide Power this morning was Red 12 Crystal Moon or a collective flow of emotion. This is highly creative and artistic and my son’s occupational tests came back VERY high in Music and Art. He is a nerd freak as an outlier, just like his father and I. Par for the course. This allows you to always know how you feel and pretty good ability to express it. It also makes this kin very empathic and sensitive to others needs.

The antipode this afternoon, right now, is Blue 12 Crystal Hand. Uranus is so far out, emotions flow so hard that it’s challenging to get grounded on Earth and accomplish something. You cannot always grasp or comprehend the meaning of things even though you have healing ability.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight is Yellow 2 Polar Seed. It stabilizes your focus so you can target what you really want. Of course deciding what you really want has to come first and with Uranus in there it’s not easy. But you are a leader and a spiritual creator in a big way. Always inventive, always creating, always interested in others and especially your friends, it will come out in the wash.

The 5Gforce is Blue 2 polar Night. I see writing and meditating in this to help you stabilize your mind. There is also sound sleep and DREAMS in here. My son told me an hour ago that he dreamt that he spent two weeks in Japan but didn’t speak the language well. Given that it came to him ON HIS GATEWAY I said, “That’s an omen that you are going to go to Japan as you’ve always said you wanted to and you need to learn some Japanese now.” It’s a good thing he has me for a Mom to hip him to these things…right?

URANUS-way out there.