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Healers work hard to heal themselves with some help from others or through meditation; they don’t heal others. I am a therapist that can get you aligned and educate you about what you can do for yourself but I never encourage dependency.

Healers are authentic, living examples of how we can step out of our subconscious imprinting from parents, family, society, and provincial upbringing to create our conscious mind and live a truly free life of our choosing. Free Will is Universal Law and the foundation of our government in the U.S.

We also know how to access the information in our unconscious mind through the dream state. The unconscious mind transcends the intellect, brings forward intuition and allows it to MANIFEST in physical! The information in the dream state, where there is no thinking, is available to everyone.

Thousands of Military Whistleblowers Have Come Forward About the E.T. Here is Another One.


How Amish Communities Achieved “Herd Immunity” Without Higher Death Rates, Lockdowns, Masks, Or Vaccines

I worked on the Amish in Nashville, MI a couple uears ago. They like natural medicine but I noticed that because of some of their traditions they weren’t very healthy. They eat alot and most are overweight.

The women don’t get out of the house as much as the men and their diet is very heavy on sweets and baking. Nevertheless, they keep outsiders out and I was honored they let me in. It was a great experience. And their childre sing like absolute angels and are kept from the avarice and evil of the larger American society. That is a good thing.


NOVEMBER 25, 2021



The Facts:

Amish communities of thousands in Lancaster, PA chose to not lockdown and instead went on with life in 2020.

Their communities were infected by COVID but death rates were not any higher than other places.

They lived life normally, did not wear masks and stuck to their values and culture.

Reflect On:

How much value should we put on living life to the fullest instead of focusing on reducing COVID cases at all costs?

How many lives were lost as a result of harsh lockdowns?

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, thousands of Amish families took a different approach to COVID-19. Their outcomes are a story you probably won’t hear anywhere in mainstream media.

By May 2020, the Amish were through COVID and had obtained herd immunity according to those studying the communities. They did not adhere to lockdowns, vaccinations, mask wearing or distancing. They instead stuck to what they valued most, community, contribution, family, health and tradition. Values that were pushed to the back seat in most areas of the world who put reducing COVID cases above everything else.

Calvin Lapp, an Amish Mennonite living in Lancaster, PA, told Sharyl Attkisson during an interview about three core things Amish don’t like about modern society.

“There’s three things the Amish don’t like: that’s government – they won’t get involved in government. They don’t like the public education system – they won’t send their children to education. And they also don’t like the health system – they rip us off. Those are three things that we feel like we’re fighting against all the time. But those three things are part of what COVID is.”

Calvin Lapp, an Amish Mennonite

Initially the Amish in adopted a very brief shutdown at the start of COVID. Like many others, they were trying to find out what was going on. But once they knew, they took a unique approach.

As COVID continued on, the ‘outside’ world began locking down, and governments were telling their citizens to lockdown, stop working, wear masks, social distance etc. The Amish didn’t feel this was in alignment with what they believe in.

“To shut down and say that we can’t go to church, we can’t get together with family, we can’t see our old people in the hospital, we got to quit working…. It’s going completely against everything that we believe in and you’re changing our culture completely in trying to act like they wanted us to act the last year. We’re not going to do it.”

Calvin Lapp, an Amish Mennonite

During a Christian holiday when the community went back to church, everyone began getting coronavirus and developed immunity.

“When they take communion they dump their wine into a cup and they take turns drinking out of that cup. So you go the whole way down the line and everybody drinks out of that cup. So if one person has coronavirus the rest of church is going to get coronavirus. The first time we went back to church, everyone got coronavirus.”

Calvin Lapp, an Amish Mennonite

As their population got COVID, some chose to go to hospitals while others didn’t. They felt it would be better to have people close to them around than be isolated. What is clear is, there is no evidence that there was more death amongst the Amish than in any place that shut down their economies, worse masks and were vaccinated.

The good news for the Amish in this community is that natural immunity has been shown to be very robust time and time again. With the latest data indicating it is the best protection against re-infection and severe disease.

To dive more deeply into this story, the nuances, and how these cases were studied, I encourage you to check out the brief report below by independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson.





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Corey Goode on Future Timelines, Which is the AC Strand of the DNA. It’s explained in My Book.

This is initiated by the Solar-Prophetic Outbreath on the Interplanetary Holon. It begins with White Dog, tribe 10, and moves up to Blue Storm, tribe 19. Remember that Sun/Storm is the 0-19 code.

Corey is Yellow 7 Solar Resonant Sun. It is unique in that its 5GForce is itself. This is the only kin like this. Analog is Blue 7 Storm, G.P. is Yellow 7 Human, Antipode is White 7 Dog, Hidden Wisdom is Red 7 Dragon and 5GForce is Itself.

Sunday. Yellow Seed-Blue Eagle have Jupiter Mediating with Sun in Sag Until the Solstice

Sagittarius and the Centaur

There are 10 days between the current Jupiter mediated analog kin, meaning Dec. 5 is Blue 1 Eagle and Dec. 13th is Yellow 13 Seed, that analog pair being mediated by Jupiter which rules Sag.

I just figured this out knowing that there has to be a power pulse between the Destiny Oracle/13-day cycle and the Interplanetary Holon.

Oct. 29-30 and Nov.18-19 was the Pluto pulse,  Blue Storm-Yellow Sun during our Sun in Scorpio. Now we’ve moved out of Scorpio. We’ll watch for power pulses from now on.

Body Holon/Destiny Oracle

  • Destiny Theme is White 4 Self-Existing Wind; Self-Existing Spirit
  • Destiny Analog is Red 4 Self-Existing Earth; Self-Existing Navigation. Go your own way.
  • Destiny Guide Power is White 4 Self-Existing Mirror; Self-Existing Meditation
  • Destiny Antipode is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human; Free Will claimed for your self even if others don’t. Advocate for yourself within the law.
  • Destiny Hidden Wisdom is Blue 10 Planetary Storm; Stormy weather and stormy society
  • Destiny 5GForce is in synchronicity with the Guide Power; White 10 Planetary Mirror; Planet wide Spiritual Power, Meditation, and Reflection.

Interplanetary Holon

Uranus rule Aquarius

We are mediated by Uranus just for the day in the Body Holon. Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto this morning, improving our ability to see (4 Mirror) more layers of a situation. White Wind has the attribute of communication and Pluto mediates Blue 10 Storm which is right under it as the Hidden Wisdom. Synchronicity.

The Moon is now in Gemini until 10:30PM.

Saturday-It Doesn’t Hurt to Nurture and Bond in a Relationship

As long as you don’t lose your own life, what you value and need and become co-dependent, it’s all good. If someone loves you they are going to want you to center in your own self, not give it up and feed it to them for their sustenanace. Run from the needy vampiring energy. It goes into shadow for both parties. It could just be facing karma too but it is possible to jump to dharma and let it go. Just be a glutton for love and goodness not punishment. PIVOT!

Remember tone 4 and Blue Storm kin. 💙 All of the amino acids are evolving daily in us. It’s just that on some days specific ones are highlighted.

Today is electric tone 3 and this takes us out of Sun in Scorpio and the full moon in Taurus and ACTIVATES the new astronomy alignment. Speaking of tone 4 and Blue Storm, they are both pulsing tomorrow on Sun in Sagittarius for its first day. Get your quiver and arrow ready to focus. And it will be moon in ♊ Gemini and White 4 Wind. Let the TALKING begin. Synchronicity.

Body Holon

Relationships and their body are changing for many people.
  • Theme is Red 3 Electric Dragon; memory and ancestry, karma
  • Analog is White 3 Electric Mirror; meditation and reflection
  • Guide Power is Red 3 Electric Serpent; physical passion, grounding
  • Antipode is Blue 3 Electric 🐒 Monkey; Magic
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun; dissolving enlightenment, birth, letting out the old and bringing in the new dharma.
  • 5gforce is
  • Planets mediating are Pluto, Maldek, Venus, and The Sun


  • The Moon spends the day in connected, observant Gemini.
  • However, Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate aspect to Chiron and a square to Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, pointing to some issues with perception. We enter Sag tomorrow.
  • Later today we find it easier to focus and strategize with Mercury and Pluto heading into harmony. Symchronicity with the Tzolkin alignment.

Friday. The Full Moon in Taurus Has Us Polarized With Tone 2 Yellow Sun

The Sun, lately exploding with high-level CME, coronal mass ejections. It’s changing the earth, our bodies, and all DNA on the planet and in the local system. Human beings are not stronger transformers than the sun when it comes to our climate but our group mind does have a say in the effects.
  • Full Moons always pit opposite signs of the zodiac against each other and invite us to balance the opposing energies.
  • The contrast between earthy, practical, peace-loving Taurus and emotional, transformative, crisis-oriented Scorpio comes full bloom now.
  • It’s a passionate and creative Full Moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences.

Our DNA, being two strands, is especially dualistic between past and future, empowerment and giving up control, abundance, and poverty, attachment, and detachment. It depends on our values and how much time during the day we think about our past or create our future. It needs to be 50/50 as far as time spent for your body to be well. It’s the key to a balanced mind and synchronicity in the Matrix that is our guiding force. Synchronicity is our navigation or GPS in the Matrix. You must be able to observe it in your life and all around you or you’ll be a lost space traveler.

The more you think about the past or try to change it the more you age. It causes cellular stress which is the biological cause of aging. Linear time is not the cause of aging, your mindset is along with all of your emotions. Everyone intuitively knows this because ultimately time isn’t “real”. Energy is real which is created by thoughts and feelings.

Time is just a frequency setting in a dimension to shine a light on vibration and cause it to be apparent, or able to see it with physical eye sensors. BUT DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE WITH PHYSICAL EYES or it will control you. It’s not real. What you sense and know in your body and heart is real. Your own karma and dharma are real which are why the Sabian Symbol readouts are so helpful. They are like the plot in your personal movie on earth and you get to ✍ the script.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 2 Polar Sun or 2StopCodon; polarized enlightenment, crisis of values
  • Analog is Blue 2 Polar Storm; polarized self-generation. Do I go along as normal and wish everything went BACK in time to “normal” in the outside world, or do I get off my ass and improve my body and character and accept that the future will be much different? The Gen X kids are not taking any crap and are catapulting us forward. You might want to take their Aquarian lead.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 2 Polar Human; polarized freewill. See what I said above about Gen X. Grandpa Joe and the old c#$%^ will be taking a flying leap. The Aquarian kids and grandkids of the hippies didn’t come to the planet to be slaves of humans or A.I.
  • Antipode is White 2 Polar Dog; polarized love and loyalty. We are picking sides; life and the future or death and the past.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 12 Crystal Dragon; polarized ancestry, polarized family, polarized mothers. I can’t even discuss this. Families are broken apart between fear and trust, lies and the truth. The karma of each will become apparent soon. Fear and lies are the past. Trust and truth are the future. Those that are holding on to the past are a dog with a bone. So be it.
  • 5gforce is Yellow 12 Crystal Sun, in perfect alignment with our theme. I don’t see this often so this is powerful axis between Taurus and Scorpio, along with the FULL MOON and the LUNAR ECLISE!!