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Healers heal themselves, they don’t heal others. We can share our work with others though so they can be about taking care of themselves also. Healers are authentic, living examples of how we can step out of our subconscious imprinting from parents, family, and provincial upbringing to create our conscious mind and live a truly free life of our choosing. We also know how to access the information in our unconscious mind through the dream state. The unconscious mind transcends the intellect, brings forward intuition and allows it to MANIFEST in physical! The information in the dream state, where there is no thinking, is available to everyone.

Bruce Lipton’s Newsletter; White 13 Cosmic World-Bridger, Author on Epigenetics

“Give me a child for the first seven years, and I’ll give you the man”

(What about women St. Ignatius? Nah…)

Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556)
Bruce’s great book. I recommend it.

Many of you are familiar with this quote attributed to Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), the Spanish priest who founded of the Society of Jesus, known as the Jesuits.

The emphasis of this quote is the recognition that a child’s experiences and programming through age seven are the primary factors that determine the character of an individual’s life.  This insight from nearly 500 years ago now has a scientific foundation in regards to the role of conscious and subconscious minds and their influence on epigenetics. The only new insight offered by current science is that the “programming” actually begins earlier, it is actually initiated in the last trimester of pregnancy.

This quote’s powerful insight on how to control human behavior has not gone unnoticed by world leaders since that time. Today’s version of programming children as future “controllable” citizens is profoundly enhanced by technology. Modern education, that is “programming,” is no better exemplified than in the current widespread use of tablets, such as the iPad, by toddlers.  

The cultural beliefs surrounding the disempowering notions of a Darwinian “survival of the fittest in a struggle for existence,” or the belief that our fate is programmed in our genes, has undoubtedly disempowered individuals and perpetrated on ongoing fear-based civil unrest. These scientifically invalid assumptions have “mis-programmed” the public to keep scrambling in a world in which they are continuously trying to outrun the proverbial saber-toothed tiger (… or perhaps, their “friendly” banker).

Over 90 years ago, the quantum physics revolution revealed a new truth about our Universe that completely pulled the rug out from beneath conventional science. New physics debunked the perception of a Newtonian material world. A fact that Einstein humorously referred to as a “persistent illusion.”  Quantum physics, the most valid of all the sciences, emphasizes that our life experiences are founded in our consciousness. In a recent essay in Nature, the world’s most prestigious scientific journal, Richard Conn Henry, a Johns Hopkins Professor of Physics, concluded his article on quantum physics with the following sentence: “The Universe is immaterial – mental and spiritual. Live, and Enjoy.” This is a fact … not a suggestion! (Bruce is as adamant as me…my analog ;-))

While this “truth” has been around for nearly a century, the world’s population has been continuously programmed with fears and anxieties that undermine health and precipitate environmental crises.

Interestingly, when “love” comes into one’s life, be it love of a person, an animal, art form, gardening or even baking a pie, the experience engages a state of mindfulness. People stop playing their subconscious programs and start manifesting their conscious mind’s wishes and desires. They begin to experience life as Heaven-on-Earth. An interesting assessment would be to survey what people really want in their lives. Surprisingly, initial surveys along this line of questioning reveal that almost all people want the same thing – health, peace, happiness, security and love.

In conclusion, the significance if people would stay mindful and stop playing their programs, in just one day, the world would actually become “Heaven.” This vision does not require intervention by some super natural agency. The world will express this amazing evolution when the public becomes fully aware of the principles of current science. Knowledge is power and knowledge of self, is “self-empowerment.” Since neuroscientists recognize love to be the equivalent of the The Matrix movie’s red-pill … there is one thing that can solve civilization’s ills:

What The World Needs Now Is LOVE

Wishing you a happy and peaceful change of seasons.

With Love and Light,

About TSR; Time Science Research

My work is based on 30+ years of TSR or Time Science Research that I’ve conducted by following and logging daily synchronicity in the Tzolkin. In my case it’s the Dream-spell book and then as I got into the amino acid assays it was a notebook journal interspersed with brainstorming.

I was reading the whole time as well. Authors who influence me are Jose Arguelles and most of his books, David Bohm, physicist, C.J. Jung, psychologist, Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist, Dr. Chavez, Molecular Biologist, Corey Goode, E.T. contactee and author, GAIA interviews with David Wilcock and Emery Smith, and more. All men I’m sorry to say, but the sciences tend to shut the door on very intelligent, intuitive women and men actually. They like goose-stepping humans to the institutions narrative. I don’t have that capacity and neither do thousands of creative thinkers.

The purpose of my book is to drop a pebble in the pond toward ending the current false healthcare paradigm that lies to us about our bodies, and about who we are, and scripts a narrative for the greatest profit for Big Pharma and high tech surgery that is usually not needed. They are good at marketing to patient’s egos, ignorance about their body, and fear.

My goal is species empowerment and self-healing through fact, particularly humans, but since all stellar species share our DNA, all species empowerment. I agree with Dr. Stephen Greer that we need peace in space and to understand the unified field of consciousness or the cosmic web as opposed to politics and commerce dominating our behavior and choices in the local universe. I realize some find universal peace idealistic but that’s fine. I’m not changing. I believe 100% in the power of the human soul, fully in the body as we’ve been taught, and I believe Science can be cleaned up on that score. It may take awhile though.

I say that because of who we are as entities based on what I see in the Tzolkin and have experienced as far as synchronicity and spirituality in my work for 30 years. I’ve had my hands on thousands of patients manually and energetically with Reiki for 22 years. We are children of God, not children of our E.T. family, and co-creators with Life. We belong to ourselves and we can control ourselves, ourselves in cooperation with each other and friendly E.T.

The E.T. are children of God as well and need to be shown this by humans who have something to share on a soul level. Love and peace needs to reign in the universe, not war, ego, and money. It’s been made clear that 98% of stellar species hold humans in high regard, even like royalty, but dark actor elite humans do not and have betrayed our species for millennia in favor or Reptilian A.I. and false power. We are slave scum to them. I disagree that tech is just a tool. It’s far inferior to the inherent power of the real intelligence of the body. We need to clean up that mess that has caused mountains of suffering for humans who’ve been programmed to believe they are nothing and weak.

This book is very heavy on analytical tables that may or may not be enjoyed by the civilian and may even confuse scientists. They are complicated. I’m doing my best to hook in the patterns I’ve found to the irrefutable facts that are common knowledge such as the 11.3 year Sun Cycle, the 20 amino acids that are the building blocks of life, the way the amino acids relate to one another in the same way as the archetypes, archeological facts about the Maya, Historical facts about the Chinese I Ching as the basis of our computers, facts about binary code and then hooking that to the multidimensional facts, and the way our tRNA moves in the Tzolkin Theme-plex. There is more but I will do my best to bring them along from their failed 3D clenching into the fold. I know I’ll have to patient and tolerant but I will not be disrespected…ever. I will find a way to talk about this to get their attention and peak their interest when I’m done writing.

But I have other sections and analysis that will bring it together for you. It is a meta-genetic order of analysis based on the hypothesis that the organization of the Tzolkin illuminates the evolution of the tRNA in all living cells, especially human amino acids. Our amino acid building blocks that make us visible and seemingly dense are time, spinning at 40,000 mps because of our consciousness and intention. We appear to be still because our ELM and gravity in our bodies is moving that fast. The Source is our Soul which A.I. will never have. They have the binary 0’s and 1’s in their system but so do we. It’s part of the Binary Triplet Configuration which is the foundation pattern for all life. It’s in the book.

We have the Tzolkin programming because we have blood and consciousness. A.I. will never have it because they don’t have blood. Humans cannot manufacture real blood. Blood is QI of which the Chinese are masters. Go ahead and try. You will be stopped or fail. We have ONE creator and we are born through our Mother’s DNA. That is strongly in the Tzolkin and in the genetic code itself. The female is the origin of life and the Reptilian and A.I. want that stopped as do the Deep State.

The physicists have proven that we are 99% empty space by analyzing the nucleus of the atom. We are time and conscious mind in third density. It’s electromagnetic force, gravity, and more.

When I started this project I imagined I might see a clue about how our proteins folded which has hung up scientists for forty years. I found more than I bargained for. It became clear to me by merging diverse streams of data from esteemed scientists and my own data, that in fact, DNA is Time itself. One strand of the double helix absorbs and communicates past to present from the cosmic web while the other does the same with future to present.

This action is 100% active all the time in the billions of cells of ALL LIVING THINGS causing multidimensional evolution and as Rupert Sheldrake says, “morphogenetic fields” or the presence of the past. He is correct, but I don’t think he saw the future in the genetic code. I have. Sheldrake is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon, today’s theme-plex so that is a great synchronicity that I’m talking about him today. He is a great man and contributed much and been maligned much by the narrative. Par for the maverick course.

I have the math and I explain it in depth in the book. Life is conscious and connected in a unified field that vibrates with every other living thing and it’s infinite and eventually timeless at the higher densities. However, we vibrate in all densities at the same time now IN OUR BODIES and can access the information with different mindsets in meditation or in our dream-state. Humans are a great species and we will not be stopped by rogue entities, other E.T., OR told what to do by the GFW (Galactic Federation of Worlds). I respect them but we have Free Will. Yellow Human! is about Free Will and Corey Goode is Yellow 7 Resonant Human. We shall see what transpires there. I have faith that humans will rise to the occasion and have plenty to contribute to Life in the Cosmos. We just have to cooperate and love ourselves and each other.


Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

Friday. Do We Endure in Order to Nurture or Do We Endure in Order to Follow Mandates, Blow Stuff Up, and Keep Buying Things?

I Endure in order to Nurture. Transcending Being I seal the input of Birth with the cosmic tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Life-Force.

We’re backed up against a wall today with this Red Dragon energy. Red Dragon tribe seeded us here and has strong ties to Mother Spirit. She breathes Fire from the Great Sun, the Source of all Fire. She transcends BEING, meaning she exists at a higher density than 3 or 3D. She seals birth throughout the Universe by always being present, as One with Source, female and male although there is no gender at the higher densities either and Source is neither female nor male. With the Guide Power this morning as Red 13 Cosmic Serpent this energy is in our face.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 13Cysteine or Red 13 Cosmic Dragon, the Great Mother Spirit next to Father Spirit. They are our parents, not the E.T.’s Just sayin’. Pulse is to the right eye, right after Yellow Sun yesterday pulsing to the right brain.
  • Analog is 13Tyrosine or White 13 Cosmic Mirror, the holographic plate that reflects Galactic Center into our brains, bodies, and minds. Tyrosine revs up our neurotransmitters which are hormones in the brain that stabilize our minds. Pulse is to the left eye.
  • Guide Power this morning is 13Serine or Red 13 Cosmic Serpent. Pulse is to the right pec and breast. Word on the street is the Reptilians are leaving their posts all throughout our local system. They are abandoning ship and of course the Draco were run out by the GFW (the Galactic Federation of Worlds). Humans need to get a grip now. I woke up this morning realizing I trust rogue E.T. more than the Deep State Humans still holding a vice grip on secret tech, money, and society. Our elite have turned against us so badly and they are so indolent. They need to be dealt with swiftly and all the secret disclosure lifted. Apparently the GFW told Trump in a meeting that humans were not ready for the truth. Trump, like JFK wanted to do full disclosure. Kennedy was shot for it but Trump was just banned from being President. I guess we’re making progress.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 13Asparagine or Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey. This is freeing, transformative, light-hearted energy after Noon. Thank God. Pulse is to the left low back, left thigh, left genital area.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 1StopCodon or Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun. Also good energy. This is a release, an end point, the Full Moon in Aquarius which is a culmination, and the Sun just moved into Leo. I think we’re going to finally see some of the political B.S. in Washington changing. We are also at the end of the 13-day cycle so this is all synchronicity.
  • The 5GForce is 1Tryptophan or Blue 1 Magnetic Storm. Pulse is to the left brain in alignment with the Hidden Wisdom.

Earth Holon

We’re in China and India Time Portal with Red Dragon. It’s location is 30°N–30°E. It is a Cardinal Kin at the throat of the planet whose job it is to transmit. There is a tremendous amount of bias toward both of these eastern countries from the west and they hold the most people on the planet with billions in population combined. That fulfills the birth attribute of Red Dragon and there is strong matriarchy here. The deep patriarchy is in the U.S. with the Blue Eagle kin. The U.S. comes in third as far as population. Bear in mind the conflict between the Eagle and the Snake as far as the Annunaki when it comes to the issues between the West and the East. I’ve posted that video about four times on here. If you have questions, just look at my hundreds of posts over the last two years and read them. Alligators are extremely nurturing and protective of their young and good mothers. They are progeny of the dinosaurs.

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet for Red Dragon ∞ White Mirror is Neptune which rules Pisces. Jupiter is in Pisces right now so we have an expansion of individual intuition about all of the changes happening.

The vibe I get is people who are habitual and resist change, waiting for someone to tell them what to do are like a squirrel slipping on a greased pole. The etheric grid of groupthink isn’t there anymore for them to grab on to. I’ve gotten 3 hate email or message about my position on not getting the vaccine. It HAS to be a CURE in many people’s minds because they look in the mirror and see a weak pile of nothing. A vaccine is their savior? Omg. They have no clue about what they can do to help themselves or they refuse to believe it because it would take effort. Karma.

In the astrology, we are in an awakening Aquarian state, propelling us more quickly into manifesting the Age of Aquarius whether anyone likes it or not. Don’t be mistreated by negative humans as we push down the walls and free ourselves on the prison planet. Learn the first names of your neighbors. Don’t feel ashamed or guilty for keeping your respect and self-esteem even if they have none.

My Dream Log; May 2, 2021

I had a dream a couple nights ago (written May 4) where I was told that the work I’m doing on TSR (Time Science Reaearch) for my book, DNA is Time, is so that other species can benefit from this information as well because they are also genetically ordered by the Tzolkin.

My book info. would help bring different species into the genetic fold on earth so that we would start to understand how we are all connected. It would connect us all in the cosmic web to have this laid out logically.

The way the current genetic code is set up it only applies to humans so it is very limited and not even accurate.

I’d like to know what kind of genetic engineering they’re doing in the U.S. Military Labs if they don’t have the TZOLKIN organizing the code? What are they doing? Just cloning and experimentation?? Making monsters?

These are the people running this country and we believe our elections were fair? There’s a river in Egypt…

If a Preference for Free Speech is in our DNA by Region, Here is how it Shape up According to the Tzolkin

  • Green colored regions who like free speech are Blue Eagle, Blue Monkey, Blue Hand, a portion of Yellow Sun and a small portion of Yellow Human; See countries list on the map below.
  • The rest; The ones that aren’t so pro-speech or even against it are all the countries in the Red Tribe Time portals, Yellow Warrior, part of Yellow Human and Blue Night.
  • The White Tribe portals see to have escaped the issue and the Polar kin in Antarctica have no position; Yellow Seed, Red Moon, White Wizard and Blue Storm

Since the Blue tribes are all about Transformation and Yellow Human is all about Free Will this makes total sense. And being a Red kin myself, the trauma of Tiamat blow up for all of the Red tribes has made us control freaks and cynical about humans. Russia is Red Serpent tribe or the progeny of Red Dragon in China and the Reptilians. They seeded us on earth and we owe everything we are to their strong DNA. Many disclosure people prefer their eradication for political reasons. I do not. It’s part of my past lives. I feel I worked with those red tribes. All 20 tribes are part of the human family. That’s just a biological fact despite our differences.

I lived with 2 Maldekians and they were so far left they were practically communist. I was the opposite but I understood their positions.

The Maya are in the Yellow Human Time Portal in Guatemala and just north are the Blue Eagle Americans. I have great affinity and support for both regions but my past lives are Eastern (Red). We’re doing our best to move into a free future.

And there is this that I am so sorry about, but it is a statistic;

“The report specifically notes that young people, women, the less educated, and people who voted for Joe Biden are generally less supportive of free speech.”

  • In green: where people like free speech the most. In red: where free speech is not popular.
  • Despite continued strong support, this recent survey shows approval of free speech declining in the U.S.
  • Free speech helps create prosperity, but if forced to choose, people prefer prosperity over free speech.

September 24th, 1933: Communist Member of Parliament Saklatvala Shapurji addresses a crowd at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park.Credit: Keystone / Getty Images

Who loves free speech? As this world map shows: not everybody — at least not in equal measure. Of the 33 countries surveyed, free speech gets its highest approval in those shaded green. Approval is “medium” in yellow countries and lowest in red ones.

Some democracies are more nominal than others

  • Some of the highest-rated countries are what you might expect: in North America (U.S.) and northern Europe (UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden). Also on that list: Spain and Japan. Surprising inclusions: Venezuela and Hungary, two countries not recently noted for the fair and balanced nature of their public discourse.
  • Countries with “medium” interest in free speech are scattered across Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina), continental Europe (France, Germany, Czechia, Poland), the Middle East (Israel), Africa (South Africa), and the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea).
  • Interestingly, all the countries on the red list, professing the least interest in free speech, are nominal democracies, although some are more nominal than others. They include countries in Europe (Russia, Turkey), the Middle East (Lebanon), Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria), and Asia-Pacific (Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia).

Global variation in the Justitia Free Speech Index. Maximum score: 100.Credit: Justitia

Orwell, defending the Freedom of the Park

The survey, conducted in February 2021 for Danish think tank Justitia, is about popular attitudes rather than legal frameworks. That is relevant because, as George Orwell observed in “Freedom of the Park” (1945), free speech depends less on the law of the land than on the will of the people.

Justitia’s report, titled “The Future of Free Speech“, opens with a quote from Orwell’s essay:

“If large numbers of people are interested in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it; if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.”

To find out about those attitudes, Justitia weighed the responses of a total of 50,000 people across 33 countries worldwide to several potentially controversial statements, including:

Government censorship should not apply to

  • what people say;
  • what the media reports;
  • how people use the internet.

People should be able to

  • publicly criticize the government;
  • publicly offend minority groups;
  • criticize the respondent’s religion and beliefs;
  • voice support for homosexual relationships;
  • insult the national flag.

The media should be able to publish information

  • that might destabilize the economy;
  • about sensitive aspects of national security;
  • that makes it more difficult to handle pandemics.

George Orwell at the BBC in 1940. He sensed that free speech depends less on what laws dictate than on what people want.Credit: Public domain

Russians among the least pro-free speech

Some key findings of the report:

  • Of the nationalities surveyed, Scandinavians and Americans are the most supportive of free speech. The least supportive are the Russians, Muslim-majority nations, and the least developed nations.
  • Support for free speech in general is typically expressed by great majorities and has remained stable or has even increased since 2015. There is one exception: the U.S., where the acceptance of unrestricted criticism of the government has declined. The report specifically notes that young people, women, the less educated, and people who voted for Joe Biden are generally less supportive of free speech.
  • While support for free speech is strong in the abstract, it drops when specific controversial statements are mentioned. In general, left-leaning individuals are more accepting of insulting national symbols and right-leaning individuals of offending minority groups, particularly in Western countries.
  • In all countries surveyed, a majority would like to see social media subjected to some kind of regulation, but only a few respondents want governments to take the sole responsibility for this.

Free speech deficits and… surpluses

When matching Justitia’s Free Speech Index (which measures attitudes) with a separate Freedom of Expression Index (which measures regulations) developed by an organization called V-Dem, it turns out that there is a clear and positive association between both.

  • In other words: in countries with strong popular demand for free speech, there typically are good government provisions for the supply of free speech. For example, Scandinavia, the U.S., the UK and Australia all score relatively high on both indexes, while Pakistan, Malaysia, and India get relatively low marks on both indexes.
  • There are exceptions, in both directions. The popular demand for free speech exceeds the actual level of freedom of expression in Egypt, Hungary, the Philippines, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela. You could call this a classic free speech deficit.
  • In contrast, there are three countries where there seems to be a free speech surplus: in Kenya, Tunisia, and Nigeria, the relatively high values on the Freedom of Expression Index are not matched with equally high values on the Free Speech Index.

Easter Island is in Yellow Star Time Portal

Location is 30°S–150°W in the South Pacific. This is a SIGNAL KIN Portal and these very large stone statues with full bodies underground were likely a signal that could be seen by an E.T. ship for the residents who lived there. “Here is where we are. Here is where you land.” My guess is Venusians, similar to the Maya who also have an affinity for carving stone.

Yellow star is in the Signal Earth Family that includes; White Mirror, Blue Night, Yellow Star, and Red Skywalker so I’m all up in it.

Busting the Easter Island myth: there was no civilization collapse

For decades, researchers have proposed that climate change and human-caused environmental destruction led to demographic collapse on Easter Island. That’s probably false, according to new research.


Easter Island

Golden sunset illuminates a row of moai statues on Easter Island.helivideo via Adobe Stock

  • Easter Island, whose native name is Rapa Nui, is a remote island in the Pacific Ocean about 2,300 miles west of Chile.
  • Researchers have proposed that deforestation and climatic changes led to societal collapse on the island, prior to European contact.
  • The results of a new study suggest that, despite these factors, the Rapa Nui people managed to adapt and sustain a stable society.

In the popular imagination, the story of Easter Island has long centered on stone. About 900 monolithic statues, or “moai”, have been identified on Easter Island, a remote 63-square-mile triangle in the Pacific Ocean whose native name is Rapa Nui. The statues — haunting, hollow-eyed faces — were crafted from massive blocks of volcanic rock by the Rapa Nui people, who settled on the island around 1200 CE.

But for archaeologists and anthropologists, the story of Rapa Nui has often centered on trees, rats, and climate. These are the key factors, some researchers have proposed, that led to ecological catastrophe on the island and, consequently, population collapse.

One popular narrative holds that the growing Rapa Nui population cut down so many of the island’s tall palm trees that they depleted their food and logistical resources and inadvertently killed off plant and animal species. Meanwhile, Polynesian rats, which were carried to the island via boat and had multiplied exponentially over generations, contributed to deforestation by eating seeds and plants. Compounding the island’s problems were changes in the El Niño Southern Oscillation, which led to drier conditions.

Facing dire circumstances, the natives probably resorted to eating rats. They might have also turned to eating each other, suggested the author Jared Diamond in his book Collapse, in which he states that Rapa Nui is the “clearest example of a society that destroyed itself by overexploiting its own resources.”

Busting the Easter Island collapse myth

But the popular narrative about Easter Island could be mostly false. New research suggests that these narratives connecting environmental devastation to population decline aren’t accurate. The study, published in Nature Communications, found that while the Rapa Nui people did suffer environmental and climatic changes, they didn’t suddenly dwindle in number but rather maintained “stable and sustainable communities on the island” up until the point they encountered Europeans.

To estimate changes in population over time, the researchers tested four demographic models, three of which accounted for variables like climate change or deforestation or both. Their models also incorporated about 200 radiocarbon-dated archaeological samples, which serve as a good “proxy for estimating relative population sizes.”

Moai statues

Moai statueskovgabor79 via Adobe Stock

Radiocarbon dating and statistical modeling always come with uncertainties. To minimize analytical uncertainty, the researchers used a form of statistical modeling called Approximate Bayesian Computation. The researchers wrote:

“[Approximate Bayesian Computation] is a flexible and powerful modeling approach originally developed in population genetics, but recently applied in archeology, including paleodemographic research. We demonstrate how ABC can be used to directly integrate independent paleoenvironmental variables into demographic models and perform multi-model comparisons.”

The results produced by all four models showed that the Rapa Nui population enjoyed steady growth until the first contact with Europeans in 1722, after which the population seemed to either plateau or decline over subsequent decades. These models suggest that, contrary to previous hypotheses about how the overexploitation of resources led to demographic collapse, deforestation and climatic changes on the island were prolonged processes that didn’t have catastrophic effects on the population.

For example, evidence suggests that the Rapa Nui people built productive gardens on deforested land and mulched them with nutrient-rich stone. As for climate change, the researchers pointed to recent studies suggesting that the natives adapted to drier conditions by turning to coastal groundwater sources.

Upending a long-standing narrative

Although the study offers evidence of a robust population prior to European contact, the researchers could not determine which of the four demographic models was most correct, nor did they account for other factors that likely affected the island’s population, like warfare. The researchers also did not explore what effect, if any, European contact had on the population.

But overall, the study casts serious doubts on the popular narrative that environmental changes drove down the native population. To be sure, there are dark chapters in the history of Rapa Nui, including civil war, slave raids, and statue destruction; reports suggest that between 1722 and 1774 many of the island’s statues were toppled or neglected, likely due to internal conflicts among the natives.

Still, the study suggests that the story of early Rapa Nui is less about environmental destruction than it is about resilience.

The researchers conclude that “despite extreme isolation, marginal ecological conditions, and a series of environmental changes, Rapa Nui people found solutions that enabled them to successfully thrive on the island for at least 500 years prior to the arrival of Europeans.”


I love this. My favorite myth is “You shouldn’t date your friends.” Actually your mate should be your best friend. That’s the foundation of love, unless you don’t “do love” in which case, never mind.

with Alex Berezow ● Thu 22 July, 2021
Hello again Big Thinkers!

Challenging conventional wisdom is something we delight in at Big Think. Just because everybody believes in X doesn’t make X true.

This week, we have multiple stories that challenge conventional wisdom: Everybody loves free speech. Wrong. The civilization on Easter Island suffered a catastrophic collapse. Wrong. Dinosaurs would still be alive if the asteroid never hit. Wrong. You shouldn’t date your friends. Wrong.

Perhaps modern-day philosopher Weird Al Yankovic was right when he sang, “Everything you know is wrong.”

Stay cool,

Thursday. It’s a Good, Sunny Summer Day with Yellow 12 Crystal Sun

I Dedicate in order to Enlighten. Universalizing Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Free-Will.

Body Holon

Tone 12 is crystal and pulses to the left knee.

  • Theme is 12Stop Codon or Yellow 12 Crystal Sun. Pulse point is to the Right Brain.
  • Analog is 12 Tryptophan or Blue 12 Crystal Storm. Pulse point is to the Left Brain.
  • Guide Power this morning is 12Glutamic Acid or Yellow 12 Crystal Human. Pulse point is to the left abdomen
  • Antipode this afternoon is 12Aspartic Acid or White 12 Crystal Dog. Pulse point is to the left foot.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 2Cysteine or Red 2 Polar Dragon. Pulse point is to the right eye.
  • 5th Density GForce is 2StopCodon or Yellow 2 Sun in Occult Partnership with the theme.

This is a data upload to Galactic Center today.

Earth Holon

Yellow Sun is a Polar Kin Time Portal hovered over Europe and the Middle East, over into Russia. It’s location is 60°N–15°W. It’s purpose is to receive information from the Cosmic Web at the Crown of the planet.

Interplanetary Holon

Pluto is our mediating planet today which is in quincunx with Mars. This can make the morning edgy and tense. I feel it and apply my remedy. 🙂 Pluto is the planet farthest from the Sun yet it’s the mediator for Yellow Sun and Blue Storm which are analogs today. It’s probably some kind of cosmic slingshot effect for the uploads.

This is quite synchronous today as the Sun enters Leo tomorrow which is ruled by the Sun and the Full Moon which is direct tomorrow is in Leo. Mars is in Leo as well. When the planet transits shift you can feel their effects the day before.

Scientists Trapped Electrons In a Quantum Fractal-Today’s Science News Headline

Like so many young people these days, imo, she is talking way too fast on a complicated subject for most people. Just catch as much as you can.

Fractals are all through nature and in our bodies. They move with infinite recursion which is a type of mirroring movement. Recursive means relating to or involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure to successive results. The amino acids in our bodies are recursive and the Tzolkin is a recursive and reflective holonomic synchro-meter referring to keeping track of synchronicity.

We know about mirrors in nature. Tyrosine is White Mirror in the Mayan Oracle and the basis for the physics equations I wrote for TSR, Time Science Research. Very synchronistically, Tyrosine helps the body produce neurotransmitters that helps nerve cells communicate. It’s also a popular dietary supplement used to improve alertness, attention and focus. It produces important brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate and may even regulate mood. The body makes tyrosine from another amino acid called phenylalanine (Red Earth). Tyrosine can also be found in dairy products, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, oats, and wheat and is most commonly used in protein supplements for an inherited disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU).

White 1 Magnetic Mirror is a significant pivot point in the Tzolkin; 30:18:1:118. I have found it to be the holographic plate for Bohm’s holomovement (David Bohm physicist). It’s inverse harmonic is HF36/Hx33 which is an OMEGA Ω point. It pulses on and ALPHA point α; 33:11:1:131 by just 10 kin. Also significant, given that Tyrosine is made from phenylalanine, HF30, the home of White 1 Magnetic Mirror begins with Red 13 Cosmic Earth (13Phenylalanine). I’m all over it folks! 🙂

As you can see it does start to get recursive but we’ve seen that in the Tzolkin all along. I’ve seen it for 30+ years. That’s what happens with infinity-timelessness. The double helix in the DNA of all life on earth is literally composed of the past and the future with the mystic column of the eternal present going right down the middle of every cell in the body, billions of them, with NO TIME AT ALL. In the end, we are an infinite fractal of mind as a hologram that eventually spins off to another dimension.