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Healers heal themselves, they don’t heal others. We can share our work with others though so they can be about taking care of themselves also. Healers are authentic, living examples of how you can step out of your subconscious imprinting from parents, family, and provincial upbringing to create your conscious mind and live a truly free life of your choosing. We also know how to access the information in our unconscious mind through the dream state. The unconscious mind transcends intellect, brings forward intuition and allows it to MANIFEST in physical! The information in the dream state, where there is no thinking, is available to everyone.

The Mind-Body Connection; Emotion-Carrying Peptides

Molecules of Emotion cover

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged on here in a few days but I’m totally engrossed in this book! Wow did Dr. Candace Pert get put through the grinder in the NIH (National Institute of Health) Science Palace where it was all about competition, politics, gossip, and the good-ole-boy system.  I’ve heard recently how bad the sciences have gotten for women, sort of like the current sexual harassment scandal that is causing men in power to drop like flies, but frankly, what I’m reading about her experience is far worse than anything overtly sexual. (Charlie Rose is the latest one today and I liked his show!) It’s all very disappointing, but not surprising, at least not to me given what I’ve been through in my jobs.  It’s all outlined in my book “Healer”.

The scientists she worked with at the top in the science field were unmitigated assholes.  They lied, were verbally abusive to her, said, “be a good girl” to her, stole her ideas, took the awards and credit for her work, and basically broke her heart. As I was reading the last chapter, I googled her to find out what she was doing now and she died already.  Not surprising from what I’m reading.  She was a brilliant, breakthrough scientist, wife, and mother. But of course, her personal life suffered due to all of that stress in addition to her passion for her work.  Such is the case for any very smart, accomplished woman.

I’m in the section where Candace’s father has died and she’s had it with being treated like dirt because she’s a brilliant woman with quite an intuition.  Again, gee, ya don’t say! Here are few tidbits:

“The body is the unconscious mind. Repressed traumas caused by overwhelming emotion can be stored in a body part, thereafter affecting our ability to feel that part or even move it.”

This was her conclusion after giving a detailed blow by blow of lab experiments that allowed her and her team to reach this conclusion.  It’s pretty technical (pages 138-140).

Using neuropeptides as the cue, our body-mind retrieves or represses emotions and behaviors. …biochemical change wrought at the receptor level is the molecular basis of memory.” (then she goes into specific science jargon)-p.143

On page 146 she starts pulling it out.

“There is no objective reality!” And she details how our brain and memory filters out what it deems unnecessary.  “Through visualization, for example, we can increase the blood flow into a body part and thereby increase the availability of oxygen and nutrients to carry away toxins and nourish the cells.

Repressed emotions are stored in the body-the unconscious mind-via the release of neuropeptide ligands, and those memories are held in their receptors.-p.147

Stay tuned, because she’s about to follow her intuition 100% as she pivots away from Science Dogma.  You mean…she gets creative? Yes. And it leads to a huge discovery.

It’s amazing what can happen in the mind when you lose the ego and follow the heart which is the seat of the intuition.  Oh, and she found a GOOD guy to fall in love with and work with.  Yes, there are good guys out there.


Molecules of Emotion cover

Continuing on in “Molecules of Emotion”, The Science Behind Mind-Body (same thing) Medicine; Dr. Pert says, “…endorphins, the body’s own natural morphine…which your body makes too.”

There are a thousand studies on this and physicians all know it’s true. Bodyworkers are at the top of the heap when it comes to stimulating natural opioids in the body. Massage therapists, deep tissue workers, manual therapists, and all other manner of soft tissue workers know that this is the case. Some massage therapists do a good job, others really hurt you as they have very poor technique, use too much oil and then dig in with the thumb tips, elbows, and fingertips. Be sure to interview the practitioner before you set up an appointment. I recommend deep tissue manual therapy, a physical therapist or a sports therapist with 2-4 years of training.

Bodyworkers are supposed to relieve pain, not cause it. That is intuitive. It’s counterintuitive to cause pain which is something to consider as you use the white coats. The fact is, the number of Americans seeing massage therapists has declined because the schools are teaching poor technique and not requiring students to do at least two years. But I digress from the book.

Dr. Pert discovered the opiate receptors in the brain and thought she and her team might be on the way to win the Nobel prize.

The discovery of the opiate receptor touched off a mad scramble among scientific researchers to find the natural substance in the body that used the receptor-the key that would fit the lock. We knew that the brain receptor didn’t exist to serve as a binding mechanism for external plant extracts, such as morphine and opium. No, the only reason that made any sense for an opiate receptor to be in the brain in the first place was if the body itself produced some kind of substance. an organic chemical that fit the tiny keyhole itself-a natural opiate.

The brains own morphine is an endogenous ligand. A ligand is a protein that attaches (binds) to another protein called a receptor; receptor proteins have specific sites into which the ligands fit like keys into locks. Endogenous ligands are those that are produced in the body, not those introduced into the body, such as certain drugs. It creates the same effects that exogenous (outside) opiates such as morphine do. They called this substance enkephalin. MT’s know all about enkephalin’s as well in terms of what our treatments can do.

This part of the book ends with her on a media whirlwind for her discovery with her team and getting much positive attention. Then the competition heats up and the power-brokers come into play.

Science is no different than politics. I’m reading about ego, destructive gossip, gender discrepancy and big money. Human nature is pretty easy to predict.

To be continued…

Tzolkin Reading for November 9, 2017-Thursday

Today we start a new 13-day cycle. It’s the White Dog Cycle and ends with White Cosmic 13 Wind.  So, the next 13 days are about how to communicate Love and Kindness in the world.  This is not done very much and social media doesn’t help.  It requires a connection to Spirit in whatever way you connect.  It’s all Source though. This process is guided by my analog, White Cosmic 13 World Bridger which is Change of dimension and surrender. We’re all going to die and I’ve been around quite a lot of death. It’s not something to fear but something to understand and accept.

In Mayan Cosmology there is something called the galactic in-breath and solar out- breath. If you cannot imagine your lungs not breathing, one way to prepare for death is realizing that your eternal MIND breathes which you can practice in meditation while in the body.

You can experience the solar in-breath which is your astrological ruling planet on both ends of the mind breathing and galactic out-breath which is your Mayan tribe and your analog. Your mind breathing is the source of your lungs breathing.  See if you can tune into that and maybe the fear of death will dissipate.  If you’re interested in purchasing a chart, just contact me at

Solar Date: November 9, 2017, Thursday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: White Magnetic 1 Dog

Calculated Theme plex Attributes: Love, Loyalty, Process Heart

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Mercury, which rules Gemini and Virgo

Calculated Tone: Tone 1, Magnetic, Note “C” at 261 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is magnetizing purpose and it’s action is attracting

Intuitive Theme plex Archetypes:

     Jungian-The Friend

     Tarot-The Lovers

     Nature-Dogs, all canines, heart

Calculated Theme plex around the theme:

     Guiding Power-Itself

     Challenging Gift/Antipode-Yellow Magnetic 1 Sun

     Hidden Wisdom-Blue Cosmic 13 Monkey

     Support/Analog-Red Magnetic 1 Moon

Intuitive Mantra-

I unify in order to love

Attracting loyalty

I seal the process of heart

With the magnetic tone of purpose

I am guided by my own power doubled

Tzolkin Reading for November 8, 2017-Wednesday



Theme plex for Red Cosmic 13 Moon (in the center)

Solar Date: November 8, 2017-Wednesday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Red Cosmic 13 Moon

Calculated Theme Plex Attributes: Purify flow and process universal water

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Mercury which rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo

Calculated Tone: Cosmic 13, Tone 2nd octave C, 523 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to transcend presence and its action is to endure

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

     Jungian-A Pregnant Woman

     Tarot-The Moon card – Notice “weathering the storm” and Blue Storm Tribe is the challenge/gift archetype.  Synchronicity.

Tarot The Moon


     Nature-water, moon, coyote, wolves, full moon

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

     Guiding Power-Red Cosmic 13 Skywalker (me)-top position (see above)

     Challenging Gift/Antipode-Blue Cosmic 13 Storm-left position (see above)

     Hidden Wisdom-Yellow Magnetic 1 Human-bottom position (see above)

     Support/Analog-White Cosmic 13 Dog-right position (see above)

 Intuitive Mantra-

I endure in order to purify

Transcending flow

I seal the process of universal water

With the cosmic tone of presence

I am guided by the power of space


Romance of the Opiate Receptor

Molecules of Emotion cover

As I move through this book, reading it, I’ll blog about it and share some of what I’m reading. Synchronistically she starts off this section, called “Romance of the Opiate Receptor” with the title “Destiny”.  Destiny is what the Tzolkin theme plexes are all about as I post those on here daily as well.  Please check them out. It will help set your day on the beam.

The first thing she relays is being on her back in the hospital after falling off of a horse and being put on Talwin, a morphine derivative and loving the euphoric state it put her in. I sure didn’t after my ectopic pregnancy surgery in 1996 that saved my life. I was on a morphine pump and all it did was cut the pain a bit, but it was my birthday, after all, the day I had to get out of the hospital bed and walk. Three days later after I’d gotten home the pain was almost gone. Still, I did not have a great opioid trip. Drugs have never affected me in a beneficial way as an HSP (highly sensitive person).  Laughter, hugs, friends, and sex affect my receptors.

As I read, she is happily in a lab in John Hopkins University under the exciting tutelage of Solomon H. Snyder who was on the leading edge of experimentation in neuropharmacology.  The philosophy in the lab had everything to do with instinct;

Do not accept the conventional wisdom, do not accept the idea that something can’t be accomplished because the scientific literature says it can’t. Trust your instincts. Allow yourself a wide latitude in your speculations. Don’t depend on the literature-it could be right or it could be completely wrong. Spread all your hunches out before you, and go with the ones that you think are most probable. Select the one that you can test easily and quickly. Don’t assume it has to be overly complicated to be of value since often the simplest experiment yields the most unequivocal result. Just do the experiment! And if you can keep it to a one-day experiment, so much the better.”

To be continued…




Tzolkin Reading for November 7, 2017-Tuesday





Solar Date: November 7, 2017, Tuesday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Yellow Crystal 12 Star

Calculated Gateway Attributes: Beautify, Art, Store Elegance

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Venus

Calculated Tone: Crystal, Tone 12, note “B”, Hz 493

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative Function is to dedicate cooperation, action is Universalizing

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

     Jungian-Sleep, Afterlife, Angels

     Tarot-The Star

     Nature-The Rabbit

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

     Guiding Power-Yellow Crystal 12 Sun

     Challenging Gift/Antipode-White Crystal 12 Mirror

     Hidden Wisdom-Red Polar 2 Skywalker

     Support/Analog-Blue Crystal 12 Monkey

Intuitive Mantra-

I dedicate in order to beautify

Universalizing art

I seal the store of elegance

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I am guided by the power of universal fire

I am a galactic activation portal   enter me

Tzolkin Themeplex for November 6, 2017, Monday

Blue Hand

Blue Spectral 11 Hand


We can begin to feel the vibe the previous day at 3P so this theme plex is for tomorrow. Head’s up!

(Artist Rene Magritte was born on this Theme plex)

Solar Date: November 6, 2017- MONDAY

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Blue Spectral 11 Hand

Calculated Gateway Attributes: Know healing, Store Accomplishment

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Earth

Calculated Tone: Tone 11, Spectral, note A# at 466 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to release liberation. Its action is to dissolve

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

      Jungian-The Creation


      Nature-Hand and hoofed mammals

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

      Guiding Power- Itself

      Challenging Gift/Antipode-Red Spectral 11 Earth

      Hidden Wisdom-White Electric 3 Wizard

      Support/Analog-Yellow Spectral 11 Human

 Intuitive Mantra-

I dissolve in order to know

Releasing healing

I seal the store of accomplishment

With the spectral tone of liberation

I am guided by my own power doubled

My Intuitive Interpretation of the Archetypes:

Human hands can destroy, deconstruct, break apart and especially, with the spectral tone that dissolves. As we all know, there are some things that need to be undone, untied, and thrown out. Have at it. It can be creative. Out with the old, in with the new. It’s guided by itself so the vibration is pulsed on twice by the universe. Challenging this is Red Earth whose navigation instruments are off kilter.  Are you circulating enough socially?  I know I haven’t been lately because I can’t take the chaotic, miscreating vibe of humans that are still asleep.  It’s way past time to be awake so their vibe gives me a headache.  Besides, I can’t imbibe in any of the social toxins, at all; alcohol, drugs, cigarettes awful food, or too much sodium.  My body literally can’t.  If you keep your vibration sitting in love you may have to stay home and meditate.  It depends on how long you’ve been centered in your body.  I’m still centering mine.

Hidden wisdom is white electric wizard zapping everyone invisibly.

The support is the creative, opinionated, strong warriors who know how to turn a phrase.  I wouldn’t ask them to be quiet if I were you.

Maybe Humans Crave Certain Feelings, not Drugs Themselves

That’s a pretty interesting suggestion.  It’s probably not a new one but I sure don’t hear anyone talking about that.  It would mean that you crave the way a drug makes you feel.

You may say, “Well yeah!” Pardon me if my realization sounds naive or conservative.  I’m not.  I’m an extremely liberal woman but I was born sober, so obviously I’m liberal intellectually, in speaking, and in friendships, not in my hobbies.  I have never craved drugs and when I do try them they don’t affect me.  Go figure.  I’ve used alcohol, been buzzed many times and only drunk once. It does nothing for my feelings at all nor does it make my body change much, good or bad. I’ve used pot maybe five times and it doesn’t affect me. I’ve used different kinds of tobacco and I like the smell of it because it reminds me of jazz, but that’s it. I cannot relate to craving a drug to make my feelings change. That’s as odd to me as thinking that changing my clothes will change my personality.  It’s extremely irrational and makes no sense to me.

I AM exceedingly familiar with my feelings changing though, a lot!!  My feelings have always swung this way and that naturally ever since I’ve been a child.  I am in touch with a range of feelings that as a professionally trained actor, I’m able to evoke or bring to the surface quite easily.  So, it must just be my personality; the way my brain works. It does run in my family, being theatrical, but we are also counselors, therapists, and mediums.  I’m also a musician.  I come from an emotionally expressive family so that was seeded in my subconscious in utero.

What all of this is bringing to light is the fact that if you have an expressive art you can imbibe in, maybe those feelings you’re craving will start flowing and your drug craving may go down.  We all need to let our feelings out.  And what about sex?  I know women tend to be more emotional during sex than men if men are at all, but more sex would be good for women then. Most women are as comfortable with sexual feelings as they are with taking a shower or feeling ill.  It’s just part of having a body.  I know this is diametrically opposed to men.

Men, I don’t know how you deal with your feelings other than drinking.  My 19-year-old son tells me that men do get emotionally attached in relationships even though males don’t get emotional during sex itself.  I know that the emotion of sexual tension that occurs when you’re attracted to a female is very uncomfortable for most men and FEAR is your big emotion; maybe even anger at not being able to control the woman’s sexual feelings? That was some inside information I received yesterday that was fascinating.  So, let yourself “be” in a relationship, talking, feeling bonded to other males and females as friends are very therapeutic for guys.  Also, just letting yourself feel the sexual tension with a woman you like.  It doesn’t mean you have to take any major action on it immediately…I guess.

As a female, I don’t really emotionally need friendships as much as I need sex.  I don’t think many women admit that but that’s definitely the case for me.  Or maybe I’m just far more into feeling my body in its natural state than others are. So it’s more important for me to have a partner than many friendships…eventually.

I’ll follow this blog up with my intuition and findings on sexual tension between men and women and maybe even women and women and men and men.  That should be compelling and timely. The issue seems to be unraveling our society on all levels. It’s about time right? This male fear and issue of emotional control is called patriarchy; then it manifests in forced sex. Nada. But are women really completely emotionally innocent in all of this? I really don’t know, seriously asking.

Is it possible that the psychology of sexual predation and sexual harassment is a form of sexual tension that is physically out of alignment because of pent-up feelings? Stay tuned.



Tzolkin Reading for November 3, 2017, Friday



Yellow Seed

Yellow Galactic 8 Seed


Solar Date: November 3, 2017-Friday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Yellow Galactic 8 Seed

Calculated Gateway Attributes: Target Awareness, Input Flowering

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Jupiter which rules Sagittarius.

Calculated Tone: Tone 8, note “G” at 392 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to harmonize integrity and its action is to model

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

    Jungian-The Child


    Nature-Plants, fruits, and insects

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

    Guiding Power-Yellow Galactic 8 Star

    Challenging Gift/Antipode-White Galactic 8 Wind

    Hidden Wisdom-Red Rhythmic 6 Earth

    Support/Analog-Blue Galactic 8 Eagle

Intuitive Mantra-

I harmonize in order to target

Modeling awareness

I seal the input of flowering

With the galactic tone of integrity

I am guided by the power of elegance

 My Intuitive Interpretation of the Archetypes:

Shadow Wisdom Today: insecurity, low-self-esteem, limited vision of your potential

Transformation: You are literally fertile ground full of potential.  Safety is an illusion on earth where anything can happen at any moment.  This is a place of emerging possibility that your own vibe and vision help to manifest.

Guiding us today is Yellow Star; harmony, beauty, art.  Use your creativity today to release anxiety.

Challenging us is Galactic communication and spirit in White Wind tribe.  Our alien ancestors are always trying to reach us.  Watch for reports in the news.

Hidden is Red Earth: navigation, telling us which way to go and asking us to watch for synchronicity.

Supporting us is the galactic vision of Blue Eagle, our eyes on earth that never fail.  For humans, that is the third eye, our clairvoyance or psychic seeing.  Make sure you’re AWAKE!!!

Tzolkin Theme plex reading for Nov. 2, 2017

Blue Night

Blue Resonant 7 Night


Calculated=scientifically, mathematically proven

Intuitive=scientifically, psychologically valid, intuitively SEEN and FELT by the mind and heart


Solar Date: November 2, 2017

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Blue Resonant 7 Night

Calculated Gateway Attributes: Dream abundance, Input Intuition

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Venus is sextile Saturn today so that is a positive aspect. Venus rules beauty and romance and shows what you love depending on where it’s placed in your chart.  If your Venus is in Capricorn in your birth chart, Blue Night will help you get some deep thinking done in a disciplined format.

Calculated Tone: Resonant 7, the note “F#” at Hz 369. Tone 7 resonates at the throat chakra so speaking, singing, or writing are auspicious today.

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to channel attunement.  Its action is inspiring

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

      Jungian-The Shadow

      Tarot-The Hermit

      Nature-Bat, Owl, Nighttime

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

      Guiding Power-Blue Resonant 7 Eagle, kin 215

      Challenging Gift/Antipode-Red Resonant 7 Skywalker, kin 33

      Hidden Wisdom-White Resonant 7 Mirror, kin 98

      Support/Analog-Yellow Resonant 7 Warrior, kin 176

Intuitive Mantra-

I channel in order to dream

Inspiring intuition

I seal the input of abundance

With the resonant tone of attunement

I am guided by the power of vision

 My Intuitive Interpretation of the Archetypes in the Theme plex:

We sit in time with these symbols.  Blue Night tribe is the dark of the womb, gestation, and creation so the vibe is slower today. But yesterday we opened the 11/1/1 portal.  November is 11, 1st of the month, and 2017 reduces down to a 1. This is an up-level to a higher vibration which calms and lifts the mind and opens the heart.  None of this is clever or intellectual.  These up-levels can be felt in the body if you follow the breath or meditate every day.  Mindfulness is IN THE BODY.  The mind is the body spinning with intention at 40,000 miles per second in the nucleus of the cells. I know the body feels dense and sitting still but it is vital.  It’s vital energy and your thought and feelings create your vibe that others can feel when you walk into a room.

Skywalker Tribe is resonating with this slower pace today and will use it to WALK the BODY on EARTH because Skywalker is guided by Red Earth.  We use it to navigate and hone synchronicity.  Walking on the earth is a challenge since our natural place is walking in the sky with our etheric body.  Lucid dreaming or wakeful dreaming is fun for us.

The Hidden Wisdom is a resonant White Mirror that reflects who we are back to us. In a mirror, we see darkly that which light reflects.  Everything comes from light and returns to light.  Darkness is only the absence of light so that it can regenerate itself for its travels.  Energy = matter times the speed of light squared.  E=MC2.  It’s a proven fact that everything in the universe is composed of energy.  No energy is ever lost or dies, it’s just transformed.  We are pure energy so that is the case for us as well.

Supporting us is the resonant warrior.  In the old days, humans still had heart and fortitude.  There were always warriors, female and male to resist evil.  I don’t know what we have now.  The old paradigms are just crumbling so we are all just using our time to change our energy instead of fighting as much as we used to. Technology has changed the life force of a warrior. We seem to just fight on fakebook, I mean Facebook where there are no REAL faces, just pictures.  So it really should be called fake picture book.  It’s full of rhetoric, posturing, and posing. We never know how people really feel, just what they want others to believe. The real warriors are flesh and blood people who still talk to one another in person, care for the body, work using their body, play sports, garden, and children who play.