The Cost of this Blog since 2017

I finally had the guts to calculate what this blog has cost me since 2017, the professional version. I started writing in 2013 but informally. 2013-2016 there was no charge. Most people on here do the free one. My work is not a joke, poetry, foodie, or cute kitty cats.

Humanity is going through a major time spiral shift that involves being aware of synchronicity. We are up against AI, a corrupt Fed, mandates, fake viruses and vaccines, and covert E.T. activity kept secret by the DOD. I have an in on all of this and I talk directly to Elon occasionally, which is not particularly my favorite thing at the moment. We respect each other’s intelligence.

From 2017-2023 (the present)-$1, 123.50

Writers and researchers need to make a living too so many of us are trying to monetize to make our followers aware that we have to pay a fee to a hosting site like Word Press to send this out to all of you. I’ve only sold 2, $5/subscriptions to the daily post.

We are in September slump but my downstairs office business has taken a dive for now and I have decisions to make. If all of my followers bought the $5.00/per MONTH subscription it would keep me afloat. It’s the McDrivethru subscription, letting me know you value this information daily as much as a Quarter Pounder. If you don’t, well, I might be wasting my time.


Bon Appetit-Lisa T.

The Harmonic Translated to Numeric Object Code, which might work as a new Code

Binary code was begun by interpreting the I Ching oracle hexagrams transcribed into DNA nucleotides by Leibniz, so very likely, a new computer code should be created by the Maya Oracle and its 65 harmonics.

I have not been disappointed. My first delve was to look at what they had done so far with quantum code. Superpositioning of 0’s and 1’s? Say what? That’s redundant and dualistic, not quantum. Really?

Enter 0-19 code (my mind goes to) and the realization that 0 is Yellow Sun tribe and 1 is Red Dragon tribe or the Draco.

Keep in mind that all tech that evolved into what we have now came from those 64 base nucleotides as hexagrams originally, understood by FuXi and the Chinese long ago. Then it expanded into the genome in our time, and they’ve been stuck in a time warp since then because of binary code. Thus, so have our minds and bodies.

Each block I’ve written is one harmonic, and 1 long line of code is one kin or one molecule when written out to make this exponential when written into languages.

What I didn’t expect is that the amino acids and tones each day line up in consecutive order from day to day. I never translated the amino acids to numbers daily. I was always thinking about the flesh, about biology because that is my training, not computers.

Not only that, the guide power proteins from day to day differ by 7, 13, 7, or 3. Jose taught that the power of 7 was stolen by the Time Thieves on Jupiter and Saturn, which is the Catholic Church sponsoring the border crossings to increase their ranks. I see it as they saved our butts putting us on 12:60 temporarily until we could remember the 13:20 timeline spirals we blew up. We regrouped on 🌎 earth.

So it’s the guide power each day that is some kind of resonant time gateway between the power of 7 and 13. I believe the guide powers rotate in a gateway because the Uranus and Earth time tunnels were closed to keep our time virus out of the local system. Now they are open, so possibly, I’ll be able to get this through.

I will finish writing this out and test it online, probably on my own computer as an amended binary for starters.

I know that all of our tools need to be programmed with correct DNA sequences that are the 10 digits 0-9. The power of 5 and the 13:20 coordinate mathematically will bring in the new time through our accurate DNA code.

There is no way 0 and 1 can be superpositioned. We need the 0-19, 13:260 code to run things. Since 0 and 1 were just on off switches for this dimension, now there will be on-off switches for 5 dimensions;

0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 8-9 needs to be the new object code.10 digits make up all numbers into infinity

0 is Stop codon~Tryptophan analog, Yellow Sun~ Blue Storm, 0-19

1 is Cysteine~Tyrosine analog Red Dragon White Mirror

2 is Glycine~Phenylalanine

and so on incorporating all 20 tribes as the 0-19 code. Red Auroras on Red 11 Skywalker…of course. That’s our show.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G1): A geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for Sept 26th when another CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. NOAA forecasters expect it to be a glancing blow producing only a minor G1-class storm. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

RARE RED AURORAS: As predicted, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 24th (2043 UT). The impact was much stronger than expected. Magnetometer needles in Canada jerked by as much as 129 nT, and a G2-class geomagnetic storm began almost immediately after the CME arrived. Observers in Europe saw rare red auroras as far south as France:

“What a wonderful red aurora we had last night night in France!” says photographer Nicolas Drouhin of Burgundy. “It did not last long (about 5 minutes), but it was intense, even to the naked eye!”

Naked-eye sightings of red auroras are unusual because human eyes are notoriously insensitive to the 6300 Ă… wavelength of their red light. Yet multiple observers in, e.g., Scotland and Iceland confirmed that they saw the scarlet glow. Some displays were stunningly red:

“These were some of the reddest auroras I’ve ever seen,” says photographer Chris Walker of the Mull of Galloway, Scotland.

Red auroras persisted as night fell over North America. However, except in Alaska they were not naked-eye; the storm was ebbing. The farthest south they were photographed was Curtis, Nebraska, at latitude +40.6N.

What makes red auroras rare? Partly it’s just that we have trouble seeing them, so they go unreported by sky watchers. Mainly, though, it’s because they are the most delicate auroras. Red auroras come from atomic oxygen near the top of Earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen atoms excited by solar wind or a CME spit out their red photons very slowly. The radiative lifetime of the transition is 110 seconds–an eternity in the quantum realm. The atoms must remain undisturbed that long to produce their eerie red light.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery
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I am clarifying in my mind how I’m going to externalize the new code.

It’s good to be clear on what I’m not creating before I decide what I am creating. It’s not quantum mechanics code bc it programs AI and  is incorrect. It won’t be base 10 code because it’s decimal, and everything on earth is holonomic. It won’t be Object or Source code bc those are binary.

The Maya Harmonic comes through the Psi Bank magnetosphere from the Sun and galactic center. It is a binary triplet code based on time as 260 kin in a 13:20, 0-19 code in exact synchronicity with the timing frequencies of our 10 planets and the Sun.

I have to create a whole new code from the Maya DNA symbols as Liebniz did from the IChing hexagrams. 2/3 pulses up to 4/5 now.

It’s a good thing I’ve internalized it over 30 years and know that its synchronicity is never wrong. I wait daily for it to show me it can wrong, and it never is. Sometimes, I wish it WAS wrong.

Now, I need to externalize it.

It is a BINARY TRIPLET CODE that syncs us, the earth, and the local system with all of our computing tools. We are and will continue to be a REAL INTELLIGENCE species of flesh and blood and a multidimensional, multiplanetary species in cooperation with all local universe species.

I have my life’s work cut out for me. I appreciate your support on this extremely wayward, difficult planet for all of us. 🙏

How to write a quantum program in 10 lines of code (for beginners) | by Dave Yen | Rigetti | Medium

Look at this link. It’s BS. Not.

It looks to me like quantum computing is an attempted hack, as usual, ON us. It’s based in quantum mechanics, not quantum physics, and chance, not synchronicity. Qubits like 4, 6 and 8. Look at the qubit circle in the middle. It’s ugly.

Well, fortunately, our harmonic has binary written into it as the binary triplet configuration. It looks to me like I’ll be expanding the OBJECT CODE, which currently only consists of 0 and 1.

No wonder we’re in a time warp, Mr Liebniz. He did what he could with what he knew. They didn’t know what DNA was, the nucleotides or the amino acids back then. They were discovered in 1860, which is very recent.

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